Chapter 76.09 RCW
Legislative finding and declaration.
Forest practices boardCreatedMembershipTermsVacanciesMeetingsCompensation, travel expensesStaff.
Forest practices rulesAdoptionReview of proposed rulesHearingsFish protection standardsProgram for the acquisition of riparian open space.
Rules establishing classes of forest practicesApplications for classes of forest practicesApproval or disapprovalNotificationsProceduresAppealsWaiver.
FindingsEmergency rule making authorized.
Form and contents of notification and applicationReforestation requirementsConversion of forestland to other useNew applicationsApprovalEmergencies.
Forest practices permitHabitat incentives agreement.
Fee for applications and notifications related to the commercial harvest of timberForest practices application accountCreationApplications submitted to a local governmental entity.
Application for forest practicesOwner of perpetual timber rights.
ReforestationRequirementsProceduresNotification on sale or transfer.
Stop work ordersGroundsContentsProcedureAppeals.
Notice of failure to complyContentsProceduresAppealsHearingFinal orderLimitations on actions.
Failure to comply with water quality protectionDepartment of ecology authorized to petition appeals boardAction on petition.
Final orders or final decisions binding upon all parties.
Failure of owner to take required course of actionNotice of costDepartment authorized to complete course of actionLiability of owner for costsLien.
Failure to obey stop work orderDepartmental action authorizedLiability of owner or operator for costs.
InspectionRight of entry.
Right of entry by department of ecology.
ViolationsConversion to nontimber operationPenaltiesRemission or mitigationAppealsLien.
Disposition of moneys received as penalties, reimbursement for damages.
Additional penalty, gross misdemeanor.
Appeals board review.
Forest practicesCounty, city, or town to regulateWhenAdoption of development regulationsEnforcementTechnical assistanceExceptions and limitationsVerification that land not subject to a notice of conversion to nonforestry usesReporting of information to the department of revenue.
Policy for continuing program of orientation and training.
Department to represent state's interestCooperation with other public agenciesGrants and gifts.
Annual determination of state's research needsRecommendations.
Removal of log and debris jams from streams.
Inspection of landsReforestation.
Mass earth movements and fluvial processesProgram to correct hazardous conditions on sites associated with roads and railroad gradesHazard-reduction plans.
Advisory committee to review hazard-reduction plans authorizedCompensation, travel expenses.
Hazard-reduction programNotice to landowners within areas selected for reviewProposed plansObjections to plan, procedureFinal plansAppeal.
Implementation of hazard-reduction measuresElectionNotice and application for cost-sharing fundsInspectionLetter of complianceLimitations on liability.
Implementation of hazard-reduction programCost sharing by departmentLimitations.
Legislative findingsLiability from naturally falling trees required to be left standing.
Certain forest practices exempt from rules and policies under this chapter.
Long-term multispecies landscape management plansPilot projects, selectionPlan approval, elementsNotice of agreement recordedMemorandums of agreementsReport, evaluation.
Single multiyear permit.
IntentSmall forest landownersAlternate plan processes/alternate harvest restrictionsReport to the legislature.
FindingsForests and fish reportAdoption of rules.
Sale of land or timber rights with continuing obligationsNoticeFailure to notifyExemption.
Forest and fish support accountCreated.
Road maintenance and abandonment plansFish passage barriers.
Road maintenance and abandonment plansRulesChecklistReport to the legislatureEmergency rules.
Application to RCW 76.13.150.
Small forest landownerFish passage barriers.
Small forest landownerDefined.
Notice of conversion to nonforestry useDenial of permits or approvals by the county, city, town, or regional governmental entityEnforcement.
Conversion of land to nonforestry useAction required of landownerAction required of county, city, town, or regional governmental entity.
Identification of projects that mitigate infrastructure and noninfrastructure development.
Forest practices hydraulic projectDepartment may request information/technical assistance from the department of fish and wildlifeConcurrence review process.
Short title.
Air pollution laws not modified.
Shoreline management act, hydraulics act, other statutes and ordinances not modifiedExceptions.
Repeal and savings.
Application for extension of prior permits.
Effective dates1974 ex.s. c 137.
Severability1974 ex.s. c 137.
Chapter 76.09 RCW to be used to satisfy federal water pollution act requirements: RCW 90.48.425.
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