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Chapter 74.20A RCW


RCW Sections

74.20A.010Purpose -- Remedies additional.
74.20A.030Department subrogated to rights for support -- Enforcement actions -- Certain parents exempt.
74.20A.035Augmentation of paternity establishment services.
74.20A.040Notice of support debt -- Service or mailing -- Contents -- Action on, when.
74.20A.055Notice and finding of financial responsibility of responsible parent -- Service -- Hearing -- Decisions -- Rules.
74.20A.056Notice and finding of financial responsibility pursuant to an affidavit of paternity -- Procedure for contesting -- Rules.
74.20A.057Jurisdiction over responsible parent.
74.20A.059Modification of administrative orders establishing child support -- Petition -- Grounds -- Procedure.
74.20A.060Assertion of lien -- Effect.
74.20A.070Service of lien.
74.20A.080Order to withhold and deliver -- Issuance and service -- Contents -- Effect -- Duties of person served -- Processing fee.
74.20A.090Certain amount of earnings exempt from lien or order -- "Earnings" and "disposable earnings" defined.
74.20A.095Support enforcement services -- Action against earnings within state -- Notice.
74.20A.100Civil liability upon failure to comply with order or lien -- Collection.
74.20A.110Release of excess to debtor.
74.20A.120Banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions -- Service on main office or branch, effect -- Collection actions against community bank account, right to adjudicative proceeding.
74.20A.130Distraint, seizure and sale of property subject to liens under RCW 74.20A.060 -- Procedure.
74.20A.140Action for foreclosure of support lien -- Satisfaction.
74.20A.150Satisfaction of lien after foreclosure proceedings instituted -- Redemption.
74.20A.160Secretary may set debt payment schedule, release funds in certain hardship cases.
74.20A.170Secretary may release lien or order or return seized property -- Effect.
74.20A.180Secretary may make demand, file and serve liens, when payments appear in jeopardy.
74.20A.188Request for assistance on automated enforcement of interstate case -- Certification required.
74.20A.200Judicial relief after administrative remedies exhausted.
74.20A.220Charging off child support debts as uncollectible -- Compromise -- Waiver of any bar to collection.
74.20A.230Employee debtor rights protected -- Remedies.
74.20A.240Assignment of earnings to be honored -- Effect -- Processing fee.
74.20A.250Secretary empowered to act as attorney, endorse drafts.
74.20A.260Industrial insurance disability payments subject to collection by office of support enforcement.
74.20A.270Department claim for support moneys -- Notice -- Answer -- Adjudicative proceeding -- Judicial review -- Moneys not subject to claim.
74.20A.275Support payments in possession of third parties -- Collection.
74.20A.280Department to respect privacy of recipients.
74.20A.290Applicant for adjudicative proceeding must advise department of current address.
74.20A.300Medical support -- Health insurance coverage required.
74.20A.310Federal and state cooperation -- Rules -- Construction.
74.20A.320License suspension -- Notice of noncompliance with a child support order -- License renewal and reinstatement.
74.20A.322License suspension -- Adjudicative proceeding.
74.20A.324License suspension -- Certification of noncompliance.
74.20A.326License suspension -- Payment schedule arrangements.
74.20A.328License suspension -- Rules.
74.20A.330License suspension -- Agreements between department and licensing entities -- Identification of responsible parents.
74.20A.350Noncompliance -- Notice -- Fines -- License suspension -- Hearings -- Rules.
74.20A.360Records access -- Confidentiality -- Nonliability -- Penalty for noncompliance.
74.20A.370Financial institution data matches.
74.20A.900Severability -- Alternative when method of notification held invalid.
74.20A.910Savings clause.
74.20A.920Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Birth certificate -- Establishing paternity: RCW 70.58.080.

Child support enforcement: Chapter 26.18 RCW.

Child support registry: Chapter 26.23 RCW.