Chapter 74.09 RCW


RCW Sections

74.09.015Nurse hotline, when funded.
74.09.035Medical care services -- Eligibility, standards -- Limits.
74.09.037Identification card -- Social security number restriction.
74.09.050Director's powers and duties -- Personnel -- Medical screeners -- Medical director.
74.09.053Annual reporting requirement (as amended by 2009 c 479).
74.09.053Annual reporting requirement (as amended by 2009 c 568).
74.09.055Copayment, deductible, coinsurance, other cost-sharing requirements authorized.
74.09.075Employability and disability evaluation -- Medical condition -- Medical reports -- Medical consultations and assistance.
74.09.080Methods of performing administrative responsibilities.
74.09.120Purchases of services, care, supplies -- Nursing homes -- Veterans' homes -- Institutions for persons with intellectual disabilities -- Institutions for mental diseases.
74.09.150Personnel to be under existing merit system.
74.09.160Presentment of charges by contractors.
74.09.171Contracts for medicaid services -- Border communities.
74.09.180Chapter does not apply if another party is liable -- Exception -- Subrogation -- Lien -- Reimbursement -- Delegation of lien and subrogation rights.
74.09.185Third party has legal liability to make payments -- State acquires rights -- Lien -- Equitable subrogation does not apply.
74.09.190Religious beliefs -- Construction of chapter.
74.09.200Audits and investigations -- Legislative declaration -- State authority.
74.09.210Fraudulent practices -- Penalties.
74.09.215Medicaid fraud penalty account.
74.09.220Liability for receipt of excess payments.
74.09.230False statements, fraud -- Penalties.
74.09.240Bribes, kickbacks, rebates -- Self-referrals -- Penalties.
74.09.250False statements regarding institutions, facilities -- Penalties.
74.09.260Excessive charges, payments -- Penalties.
74.09.270Failure to maintain trust funds in separate account -- Penalties.
74.09.280False verification of written statements -- Penalties.
74.09.290Audits and investigations of providers -- Patient records -- Penalties.
74.09.295Disclosure of involuntary commitment information.
74.09.300Department to report penalties to appropriate licensing agency or disciplinary board.
74.09.315Whistleblowers -- Workplace reprisal or retaliatory action.
74.09.402Children's health care -- Findings -- Intent.
74.09.460Children's affordable health coverage -- Findings -- Intent.
74.09.470Children's affordable health coverage -- Authority duties.
74.09.4701Apple health for kids -- Unemployment compensation.
74.09.480Performance measures -- Provider rate increases -- Report.
74.09.490Children's mental health -- Improving medication management and care coordination.
74.09.500Medical assistance -- Established.
74.09.510Medical assistance -- Eligibility.
74.09.515Medical assistance -- Coverage for youth released from confinement.
74.09.520Medical assistance -- Care and services included -- Funding limitations.
74.09.521Medical assistance -- Program standards for mental health services for children.
74.09.522Medical assistance -- Agreements with managed health care systems required for services to recipients of temporary assistance for needy families -- Principles to be applied in purchasing managed health care -- Expiration of subsections.
74.09.5222Medical assistance -- Section 1115 demonstration waiver request.
74.09.5223Findings -- Chronic care management.
74.09.5225Medical assistance -- Payments for services provided by rural hospitals.
74.09.5229Primary care health homes -- Chronic care management -- Findings -- Intent.
74.09.523PACE program -- Definitions -- Requirements.
74.09.530Medical assistance -- Powers and duties of authority.
74.09.540Medical assistance -- Working individuals with disabilities -- Intent.
74.09.545Medical assistance or limited casualty program -- Eligibility -- Agreements between spouses to transfer future income -- Community income.
74.09.555Medical assistance -- Reinstatement upon release from confinement -- Expedited eligibility determinations.
74.09.557Medical assistance -- Complex rehabilitation technology products.
74.09.565Medical assistance for institutionalized persons -- Treatment of income between spouses.
74.09.575Medical assistance for institutionalized persons -- Treatment of resources.
74.09.585Medical assistance for institutionalized persons -- Period of ineligibility for transfer of resources.
74.09.595Medical assistance for institutionalized persons -- Due process procedures.
74.09.597Medical assistance -- Durable medical equipment and medical supplies -- Providers.
74.09.600Post audit examinations by state auditor.
74.09.605Incorporation of outcomes/criteria into contracts with managed care organizations.
74.09.611Hospital quality incentive payments -- Noncritical access hospitals.
74.09.650Prescription drug assistance program.
74.09.653Drug reimbursement policy recommendations.
74.09.655Smoking cessation assistance.
74.09.657Findings -- Family planning services expansion.
74.09.658Home health -- Reimbursement -- Telemedicine.
74.09.659Family planning waiver program request.
74.09.660Prescription drug education for seniors -- Grant qualifications.
74.09.700Medical care -- Limited casualty program.
74.09.710Chronic care management programs -- Medical homes -- Definitions.
74.09.715Access to dental care.
74.09.720Prevention of blindness program.
74.09.725Prostate cancer screening.
74.09.730Disproportionate share hospital adjustment.
74.09.741Adjudicative proceedings.
74.09.756Medicaid and state children's health insurance program demonstration project.
74.09.758Medicaid procurement of services -- Value-based contracting for medicaid and public employee purchasing.
74.09.760Short title -- 1989 1st ex.s. c 10.
74.09.770Maternity care access system established.
74.09.780Reservation of legislative power.
74.09.800Maternity care access program established.
74.09.810Alternative maternity care service delivery system established -- Remedial action report.
74.09.820Maternity care provider's loan repayment program.
74.09.850Conflict with federal requirements.
74.09.900Other laws applicable.
74.09.910Severability -- 1979 ex.s. c 152.
74.09.920Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.