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Chapter 72.36 RCW


RCW Sections

72.36.010Establishment of soldiers' home -- Long-term leases.
72.36.020Superintendents -- Licensed nursing home administrator.
72.36.030Admission--Applicants must apply for federal and state benefits.
72.36.037Resident rights.
72.36.040Colony established -- Who may be admitted.
72.36.045State veterans' homes -- Maintenance defined.
72.36.050Regulations of home applicable -- Rations, medical attendance, clothing.
72.36.055Domiciliary and nursing care.
72.36.060Federal funds.
72.36.070Washington veterans' home.
72.36.075Eastern Washington veterans' home.
72.36.077Eastern Washington veterans' home--Funding--Intent.
72.36.081Walla Walla veterans' home.
72.36.090Hobby promotion.
72.36.100Purchase of equipment, materials for therapy, hobbies.
72.36.110Burial of deceased member or deceased spouse or domestic partner.
72.36.115Eastern Washington state veterans' cemetery.
72.36.120Deposit of veteran income--Expenditures and revenue control.
72.36.140Medicaid qualifying operations.
72.36.145Reduction in allowable income--Certification of qualifying operations.
72.36.150Resident council--Generally.
72.36.160Personal needs allowance.
72.36.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Charitable organizations -- Application for registration or renewal -- Contents -- Fee: RCW 19.09.075.

Commitment to veterans administration or other federal agency: RCW 73.36.165.

Disposition of property of deceased inmate of state institution: RCW 11.08.101, 11.08.111, 11.08.120.

Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized in state institutions: RCW 18.29.056.

Record as to patients or inmates for purposes of vital statistics: RCW 70.58.270.