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Chapter 71.32 RCW


RCW Sections

71.32.010Legislative declaration -- Findings.
71.32.030Construction of definitions.
71.32.040Adult presumed to have capacity.
71.32.050Execution of directive -- Scope.
71.32.060Execution of directive -- Elements -- Effective date -- Expiration.
71.32.070Prohibited elements.
71.32.080Revocation -- Waiver.
71.32.100Appointment of agent.
71.32.110Determination of capacity.
71.32.120Action to contest directive.
71.32.130Determination of capacity -- Reevaluations of capacity.
71.32.140Refusal of admission to inpatient treatment -- Effect of directive.
71.32.150Compliance with directive -- Conditions for noncompliance.
71.32.160Electroconvulsive therapy.
71.32.170Providers -- Immunity from liability -- Conditions.
71.32.180Multiple directives, agents -- Effect -- Disclosure of court orders.
71.32.190Preexisting, foreign directives -- Validity.
71.32.200Fraud, duress, undue influence -- Appointment of guardian.
71.32.210Execution of directive not evidence of mental disorder or lack of capacity.
71.32.220Requiring directive prohibited.
71.32.230Coercion, threats prohibited.
71.32.240Other authority not limited.
71.32.250Long-term care facility residents -- Readmission after inpatient mental health treatment -- Evaluation, report to legislature.
71.32.900Severability -- 2003 c 283.
71.32.901Part headings not law -- 2003 c 283.
71.32.902Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.