Chapter 71.24 RCW


Short title.
Legislative intent and policy.
IntentRegional support networks programs.
Grants, purchasing of services, for community mental health programs.
Secretary's powers and duties as state mental health authority.
Licensed service providers, residential services, community support servicesMinimum standards.
Regional support network powers and duties.
Identification by regional support networkChildren's mental health services.
Regional support network servicesChildren's access to care standards and benefit packageRecommendations to legislature.
Children's mental health providersChildren's mental health evidence-based practice institutePilot program.
Wraparound model of integrated children's mental health services deliveryContractsEvaluationReport.
Joint agreements of county authoritiesRequired provisions.
Joint agreements of county authoritiesPermissive provisions.
Grants to regional support networksAccounting.
Proof as to uses made of state fundsUse of maintenance of effort funds.
Expenditures of county funds subject to county fiscal laws.
Clients to be charged for services.
Reimbursement may be withheld for noncompliance with chapter or related rules.
County program plans to be approved by secretary prior to submittal to federal agency.
Regional support network may accept and expend gifts and grants.
Waiver of postgraduate educational requirements.
Regional support networksInclusion of tribal authoritiesRoles and responsibilities.
Administration of chapters 71.05 and 71.24 RCW through regional support networksImplementation of chapter 71.05 RCW.
Regional support networksProcurement processPenalty for voluntary termination or refusal to renew contract.
Regional support networksContracts with departmentRequirements.
Regional support networksEligibility for medical assistance upon release from confinementInterlocal agreements.
Mental health ombuds office.
Establishment of new regional support networks.
Regional support networks contractsLimitation on state liability.
Purchase of mental health and chemical dependency treatment servicesManaged care contractingDetailed plan.
Behavioral health organizationsMental disorder program development.
Streamlining delivery systemFinding.
Streamlining delivery system.
Streamlining delivery systemDepartment duties to achieve outcomes.
Expenditure of federal funds.
Collaborative service delivery.
Offenders with mental illnessesFindings and intent.
Offenders with mental illnessesContracts for specialized access and services.
Offenders with mental illnessesReport to legislatureContingent termination of program.
Offenders with mental illness who are believed to be dangerousContract for case managementUse of appropriated funds.
Offenders with mental illness who are believed to be dangerousLimitation on liability due to treatmentReporting requirements.
Evaluation and treatment servicesCapacity needsRegional support network or behavioral health organization.
Mental health system reviewPerformance audit recommendations affirmed.
Mental health system reviewImplementation of performance audit recommendations.
Mental health system reviewStudy of long-term outcomes.
Regional support networksTransfers between networks.
Regional service areasReportManaged care integration.
Effective date1967 ex.s. c 111.
Severability1982 c 204.
Reviser's note: The department of social and health services filed an emergency order, WSR 89-20-030, effective October 1, 1989, establishing rules for the recognition and certification of regional support networks. A final order was filed on January 24, 1990, effective January 25, 1990.
Comprehensive community health centers: Chapter 70.10 RCW.
Funding: RCW 43.79.201 and 79.02.410.