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RCW 71.05.620

Court files and records closed—Exceptions—Rules.

(1) The files and records of court proceedings under this chapter and chapters 70.96A, 71.34, and 70.96B RCW shall be closed but shall be accessible to:
(a) The department;
(b) The state hospitals as defined in RCW 72.23.010;
(c) Any person who is the subject of a petition;
(d) The person's attorney or guardian;
(e) Resource management services for that person; and
(f) Service providers authorized to receive such information by resource management services.
(2) The department shall adopt rules to implement this section.
[2015 c 269 § 16; 2013 c 200 § 23; 2005 c 504 § 111; 1989 c 205 § 12.]
Effective date2013 c 200: See note following RCW 70.02.010.
FindingsIntentSeverabilityApplicationConstructionCaptions, part headings, subheadings not lawAdoption of rulesEffective dates2005 c 504: See notes following RCW 71.05.027.
AlphabetizationCorrection of references2005 c 504: See note following RCW 71.05.020.
Contingent effective date1989 c 205 §§ 11-19: "Sections 10 [11] through 19 of this act shall take effect on July 1, 1995, or when regional support networks are established." [1989 c 205 § 24.] See note following chapter digest.