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RCW 70.92.140

Minimum standards for facilities—Adoption—Facilities to be included.

The *state building code advisory council shall adopt minimum standards by rule and regulation for the provision of facilities in buildings and structures to accommodate the elderly, as well as physically disabled persons, which shall include but not be limited to standards for:
(1) Ramps;
(2) Doors and doorways;
(3) Stairs;
(4) Floors;
(5) Entrances;
(6) Toilet rooms and paraphernalia therein;
(7) Water fountains;
(8) Public telephones;
(9) Elevators;
(10) Switches and levers for the control of light, ventilation, windows, mirrors, etc.;
(11) Plaques identifying such facilities;
(12) Turnstiles and revolving doors;
(13) Kitchen facilities, where appropriate;
(14) Grading of approaches to entrances;
(15) Parking facilities;
(16) Seating facilities, where appropriate, in buildings where people normally assemble.
[1975 1st ex.s. c 110 § 5.]
*Reviser's note: The "state building code advisory council" was redesignated the "state building code council" by 1985 c 360 § 11. See RCW 19.27.070.