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Chapter 70.87 RCW


RCW Sections

70.87.020Conveyances to be safe and in conformity with law.
70.87.030Rules -- Waivers during state of emergency.
70.87.034Additional powers of department.
70.87.036Powers of attorney general.
70.87.040Privately and publicly owned conveyances are subject to chapter.
70.87.050Conveyances in buildings occupied by state, county, or political subdivision.
70.87.060Responsibility for operation and maintenance of equipment and for periodic tests.
70.87.070Serial numbers.
70.87.080Permits -- When required -- Application for -- Posting.
70.87.090Operating permits -- Limited permits -- Duration -- Posting.
70.87.100Conveyance work to be performed by elevator contractors -- Acceptance tests -- Inspections.
70.87.110Exceptions authorized.
70.87.120Inspectors -- Inspections and reinspections -- Suspension or revocation of permit -- Order to discontinue use -- Penalties -- Investigation by department -- Waiver of provisions during state of emergency.
70.87.125Suspension or revocation of license or permit -- Grounds -- Notice -- Stay of suspension or revocation -- Removal of suspension or reinstatement of license or permit.
70.87.140Operation without permit enjoinable.
70.87.145Order to discontinue operation -- Notice -- Conditions -- Contents of order -- Recision of order -- Violation -- Penalty -- Random inspections.
70.87.170Review of department action in accordance with administrative procedure act.
70.87.185Penalty for violation of chapter -- Rules -- Notice.
70.87.190Accidents -- Report and investigation -- Cessation of use -- Removal of damaged parts.
70.87.205Resolution of disputes by arbitration -- Appointment of arbitrators -- Procedure -- Decision -- Enforcement.
70.87.210Disposition of revenue.
70.87.220Elevator safety advisory committee.
70.87.230Conveyance work -- Who may perform -- Possession of license and identification.
70.87.240Elevator contractor license, elevator mechanic license -- Qualifications -- Reciprocity.
70.87.245Material lift mechanic license.
70.87.250Licenses -- Renewals -- Fees -- Temporary licenses -- Continuing education--Records.
70.87.260Liability not limited or assumed by state.
70.87.270Exemptions from licensure.
70.87.280License categories -- Rules.
70.87.290Rules -- Effective date.
70.87.305Private residence conveyances -- Licensing requirements -- Rules.
70.87.310Whistleblower -- Identity to remain confidential.

State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.