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RCW 70.83C.005


The legislature recognizes that the use of alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy can cause medical, psychological, and social problems for women and infants. The legislature further recognizes that communities are increasingly concerned about this problem and the associated costs to the mothers, infants, and society as a whole. The legislature recognizes that the department of health and other agencies are focusing on primary prevention activities to reduce the use of alcohol or drugs during pregnancy but few efforts have focused on secondary prevention efforts aimed at intervening in the lives of women already involved in the use of alcohol or other drugs during pregnancy. The legislature recognizes that the best way to prevent problems for chemically dependent pregnant women and their resulting children is to engage the women in alcohol or drug treatment. The legislature acknowledges that treatment professionals find pretreatment services to clients to be important in engaging women in alcohol or drug treatment. The legislature further recognizes that pretreatment services should be provided at locations where chemically dependent women are likely to be found, including public health clinics and domestic violence or homeless shelters. Therefore the legislature intends to prevent the detrimental effects of alcohol or other drug use to women and their resulting infants by promoting the establishment of local programs to help facilitate a woman's entry into alcohol or other drug treatment. These programs shall provide secondary prevention services and provision of opportunities for immediate treatment so that women who seek help are welcomed rather than ostracized.
[1993 c 422 § 3.]
Finding1993 c 422: See note following RCW 70.83C.010.