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Chapter 70.41 RCW


RCW Sections

70.41.005Transfer of duties to the department of health.
70.41.010Declaration of purpose.
70.41.030Standards and rules.
70.41.040Enforcement of chapter -- Personnel -- Merit system.
70.41.045Hospital surveys or audits -- Frequent problems to be posted on agency web sites -- Hospital evaluation of survey or audit, form -- Notice.
70.41.080Fire protection.
70.41.090Hospital license required -- Certificate of need required.
70.41.100Applications for licenses and renewals -- Fees.
70.41.110Licenses, provisional licenses -- Issuance, duration, assignment, posting.
70.41.115Specialty hospitals -- Licenses -- Exemptions.
70.41.120Inspection of hospitals -- Final report -- Alterations or additions, new facilities -- Coordination with state and local agencies -- Notice of inspection.
70.41.122Exemption from RCW 70.41.120 for hospitals accredited by other entities.
70.41.125Hospital construction review process -- Coordination with state and local agencies.
70.41.130Denial, suspension, revocation, modification of license -- Procedure.
70.41.150Denial, suspension, revocation of license -- Disclosure of information.
70.41.155Duty to investigate patient well-being.
70.41.160Remedies available to department -- Duty of attorney general.
70.41.170Operating or maintaining unlicensed hospital or unapproved tertiary health service -- Penalty.
70.41.180Physicians' services.
70.41.190Medical records of patients -- Retention and preservation.
70.41.200Quality improvement and medical malpractice prevention program -- Quality improvement committee -- Sanction and grievance procedures -- Information collection, reporting, and sharing.
70.41.210Duty to report restrictions on health care practitioners' privileges based on unprofessional conduct -- Penalty.
70.41.220Duty to keep records of restrictions on practitioners' privileges -- Penalty.
70.41.230Duty of hospital to request information on physicians granted privileges.
70.41.235Doctor of osteopathic medicine and surgery -- Discrimination based on board certification is prohibited.
70.41.240Information regarding conversion of hospitals to nonhospital health care facilities.
70.41.250Cost disclosure to health care providers.
70.41.300Long-term care -- Definitions.
70.41.310Long-term care -- Program information to be provided to hospitals -- Information on options to be provided to patients.
70.41.320Long-term care -- Patient discharge requirements for hospitals and acute care facilities -- Pilot projects.
70.41.330Hospital complaint toll-free telephone number.
70.41.340Investigation of hospital complaints -- Rules.
70.41.350Emergency care provided to victims of sexual assault -- Development of informational materials on emergency contraception -- Rules.
70.41.360Emergency care provided to victims of sexual assault -- Department to respond to violations -- Task force.
70.41.370Investigation of complaints of violations concerning nursing technicians.
70.41.380Notice of unanticipated outcomes.
70.41.390Safe patient handling.
70.41.400Patient billing -- Written statement describing who may be billing the patient required -- Contact phone numbers -- Exceptions.
70.41.410Nurse staffing committee -- Definitions.
70.41.420Nurse staffing committee.
70.41.430Licensed hospitals must adopt a policy regarding methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) -- Elements.
70.41.440Duty to report violent injuries -- Preservation of evidence -- Immunity -- Privilege.
70.41.450Estimated charges of hospital services -- Notice.
70.41.460Contract with department of corrections.
70.41.470Information to be made widely available by certain hospitals -- Community health needs assessment -- Description of community served -- Community benefit implementation strategy.
70.41.900Severability -- 1955 c 267.

Actions for negligence against hospitals, evidence and proof required to prevail: RCW 4.24.290.

Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized: RCW 18.29.056.

Hospitals, hospital personnel, actions against, limitation of: RCW 4.16.350.

Identification of potential anatomical parts donors -- Procurement organizations: RCW 68.64.120.

Immunity from civil liability for certain types of medical care: RCW 4.24.300, 18.71.220.

Labor regulations, collective bargaining -- Health care activities: Chapter 49.66 RCW.

Records of hospital committee or board, immunity from process: RCW 4.24.250.

Standards and procedures for hospital staff membership or privileges: Chapter 70.43 RCW.