Chapter 70.41 RCW
Transfer of duties to the department of health.
Declaration of purpose.
Standards and rules.
Enforcement of chapterPersonnelMerit system.
Hospital surveys or auditsFrequent problems to be posted on agency web sitesHospital evaluation of survey or audit, formNotice.
Fire protection.
Hospital license requiredCertificate of need requiredParticipation in Washington rural health access preservation pilot.
Applications for licenses and renewalsFees.
Licenses, provisional licensesIssuance, duration, assignment, posting.
Specialty hospitalsLicensesExemptions.
Inspection of hospitalsFinal reportAlterations or additions, new facilitiesCoordination with state and local agenciesNotice of inspection.
Exemption from RCW 70.41.120 for hospitals accredited by other entities.
Hospital construction review processCoordination with state and local agencies.
Denial, suspension, revocation, modification of licenseProcedure.
Denial, suspension, revocation of licenseDisclosure of information.
Duty to investigate patient well-being.
Remedies available to departmentDuty of attorney general.
Operating or maintaining unlicensed hospital or unapproved tertiary health servicePenalty.
Physicians' services.
Medical records of patientsRetention and preservation.
Quality improvement and medical malpractice prevention programQuality improvement committeeSanction and grievance proceduresInformation collection, reporting, and sharing.
Duty to report restrictions on health care practitioners' privileges based on unprofessional conductPenalty.
Duty to keep records of restrictions on practitioners' privilegesPenalty.
Duty of hospital to request information on physicians granted privileges.
Doctor of osteopathic medicine and surgeryDiscrimination based on board certification is prohibited.
Information regarding conversion of hospitals to nonhospital health care facilities.
Cost disclosure to health care providers.
Long-term careDefinitions.
Long-term careProgram information to be provided to hospitalsInformation on options to be provided to patients.
Long-term carePatient discharge requirements for hospitals and acute care facilitiesPilot projects.
Discharge planningRequirementsLay caregivers.
Discharge planningCertain policies and criteria not required.
Discharge planningConstructionLiability.
Hospital complaint toll-free telephone number.
Investigation of hospital complaintsRules.
Emergency care provided to victims of sexual assaultDevelopment of informational materials on emergency contraceptionRules.
Emergency care provided to victims of sexual assaultDepartment to respond to violationsTask force.
Statewide sexual assault kit tracking systemParticipation by hospitals.
Investigation of complaints of violations concerning nursing technicians.
Notice of unanticipated outcomes.
Safe patient handling.
Patient billingWritten statement describing who may be billing the patient requiredContact phone numbersExceptions.
Nurse staffing committeeDefinitions.
Nurse staffing committee.
Nurse staffingDepartment investigations.
Licensed hospitals must adopt a policy regarding methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)Elements.
Duty to report violent injuriesPreservation of evidenceImmunityPrivilege.
Estimated charges of hospital servicesNotice.
Contract with department of corrections.
Information to be made widely available by certain hospitalsCommunity health needs assessmentDescription of community servedCommunity benefit implementation strategy.
FindingsIntentAuthority to prescribe prepackaged emergency medicationsDefinitions.
Authorization for certain transfers of drugs between hospitals and their affiliated companies.
Down syndromeParent information.
Severability1955 c 267.
Actions for negligence against hospitals, evidence and proof required to prevail: RCW 4.24.290.
Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized: RCW 18.29.056.
Hospitals, hospital personnel, actions against, limitation of: RCW 4.16.350.
Identification of potential anatomical parts donorsProcurement organizations: RCW 68.64.120.
Immunity from civil liability for certain types of medical care: RCW 4.24.300, 18.71.220.
Labor regulations, collective bargainingHealth care activities: Chapter 49.66 RCW.
Records of hospital committee or board, immunity from process: RCW 4.24.250.
Standards and procedures for hospital staff membership or privileges: Chapter 70.43 RCW.
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