Chapter 70.127 RCW

(Formerly Home health, hospice, and home care agencies — Licensure)

RCW Sections

70.127.005Legislative intent.
70.127.020Licenses required after July 1, 1990--Penalties.
70.127.030Use of certain terms limited to licensees.
70.127.040Persons, activities, or entities not subject to regulation under chapter.
70.127.050Volunteer organizations -- Use of phrase "volunteer hospice."
70.127.080Licenses -- Application procedure and requirements.
70.127.085State licensure survey.
70.127.090License or renewal -- Fees -- Sliding scale.
70.127.100Licenses -- Issuance -- Prerequisites -- Transfer or assignment -- Surveys.
70.127.120Rules for recordkeeping, services, staff and volunteer policies, complaints.
70.127.125Interpretive guidelines for services.
70.127.130Legend drugs and controlled substances -- Rules.
70.127.140Bill of rights -- Billing statements.
70.127.150Durable power of attorney -- Prohibition for licensees, contractees, or employees.
70.127.170Licenses -- Denial, restriction, conditions, modification, suspension, revocation -- Civil penalties.
70.127.180Surveys and in-home visits -- Notice of violations -- Enforcement action.
70.127.190Disclosure of compliance information.
70.127.200Unlicensed agencies -- Department may seek injunctive or other relief -- Injunctive relief does not prohibit criminal or civil penalties -- Fines.
70.127.213Unlicensed operation of an in-home services agency -- Cease and desist orders -- Adjudicative proceedings -- Fines.
70.127.216Unlicensed operation of an in-home services agency -- Consumer protection act.
70.127.280Hospice care centers -- Applicants -- Rules.
70.127.902Severability -- 1988 c 245.