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RCW 70.05.050

Local health officer—Qualifications—Employment of personnel—Salary and expenses.

The local health officer shall be an experienced physician licensed to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery in this state and who is qualified or provisionally qualified in accordance with the standards prescribed in RCW 70.05.051 through 70.05.055 to hold the office of local health officer. No term of office shall be established for the local health officer but the local health officer shall not be removed until after notice is given, and an opportunity for a hearing before the board or official responsible for his or her appointment under this section as to the reason for his or her removal. The local health officer shall act as executive secretary to, and administrative officer for the local board of health and shall also be empowered to employ such technical and other personnel as approved by the local board of health except where the local board of health has appointed an administrative officer under RCW 70.05.040. The local health officer shall be paid such salary and allowed such expenses as shall be determined by the local board of health. In home rule counties that are part of a health district under this chapter and chapter 70.46 RCW the local health officer and administrative officer shall be appointed by the local board of health.
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Effective date1996 c 178: See note following RCW 18.35.110.
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