Chapter 7.70 RCW


RCW Sections

7.70.010Declaration of modification of actions for damages based upon injuries resulting from health care.
7.70.030Propositions required to be established -- Burden of proof.
7.70.040Necessary elements of proof that injury resulted from failure to follow accepted standard of care.
7.70.050Failure to secure informed consent -- Necessary elements of proof -- Emergency situations.
7.70.060Consent form -- Contents -- Prima facie evidence -- Shared decision making -- Patient decision aid -- Failure to use.
7.70.065Informed consent -- Persons authorized to provide for patients who are not competent -- Priority.
7.70.068Informed consent--May be contained in mental health advance directive.
7.70.070Attorneys' fees.
7.70.080Evidence of compensation from other source.
7.70.090Hospital governing bodies -- Liability -- Limitations.
7.70.100Mandatory mediation of health care claims -- Procedures.
7.70.110Mandatory mediation of health care claims -- Tolling statute of limitations.
7.70.120Mandatory mediation of health care claims -- Right to trial not abridged.
7.70.130Mandatory mediation of health care claims -- Exempt from arbitration mandate.
7.70.140Medical malpractice closed claim reporting requirements.
7.70.150Actions alleging violation of accepted standard of care -- Certificate of merit required.
7.70.160Frivolous claims.

Complaint in personal injury actions not to include statement of damages: RCW 4.28.360.

Evidence of furnishing or offering to pay medical expenses inadmissible to prove liability in personal injury actions for medical negligence: Chapter 5.64 RCW.

Immunity of members of professional review committees, societies, examining, licensing or disciplinary boards from civil suit: RCW 4.24.240.

Malpractice insurance for retired physicians providing health care services: RCW 43.70.460.

Statute of limitations in actions for injuries resulting from health care: RCW 4.16.350.

Verdict or award of future economic damages in personal injury or property damage action may provide for periodic payments: RCW 4.56.260.