Chapter 7.28 RCW


RCW Sections

7.28.010Who may maintain actions -- Service on nonresident defendant.
7.28.050Limitation of actions for recovery of real property -- Adverse possession under title deducible of record.
7.28.060Rights inhere to heirs, devisees and assigns.
7.28.070Adverse possession under claim and color of title -- Payment of taxes.
7.28.080Color of title to vacant and unoccupied land.
7.28.083Adverse possession -- Reimbursement of taxes or assessments -- Payment of unpaid taxes or assessments -- Awarding of costs and attorneys' fees.
7.28.085Adverse possession -- Forest land -- Additional requirements -- Exceptions.
7.28.090Adverse possession -- Public lands -- Adverse title in infants, etc.
7.28.110Substitution of landlord in action against tenant.
7.28.120Pleadings -- Superior title prevails.
7.28.130Defendant must plead nature of his or her estate or right to possession.
7.28.140Verdict of jury.
7.28.150Damages -- Limitation -- Permanent improvements.
7.28.160Defendant's counterclaim for permanent improvements and taxes paid.
7.28.170Defendant's counterclaim for permanent improvements and taxes paid -- Pleadings, issues and trial on counterclaim.
7.28.180Defendant's counterclaim for permanent improvements and taxes paid -- Judgment on counterclaim -- Payment.
7.28.190Verdict where plaintiff's right to possession expires before trial.
7.28.200Order for survey of property.
7.28.210Order for survey of property -- Contents of order -- Service.
7.28.220Alienation by defendant, effect of.
7.28.230Mortgagee cannot maintain action for possession -- Possession to collect mortgaged, pledged, or assigned rents and profits -- Perfection of security interest.
7.28.240Action between cotenants.
7.28.250Action against tenant on failure to pay rent.
7.28.260Effect of judgment -- Lis pendens -- Vacation.
7.28.270Effect of vacation of judgment.
7.28.280Conflicting claims, donation law, generally -- Joinder of parties.
7.28.300Quieting title against outlawed mortgage or deed of trust.
7.28.310Quieting title to personal property.
7.28.320Possession no defense.

Forcible and unlawful entry, detainer: Chapters 59.12, 59.16 RCW.

Liens: Title 60 RCW.

Real property: Title 64 RCW.

Rent default, less than forty dollars: Chapter 59.08 RCW.

Tenancies: Chapter 59.04 RCW.