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RCW 68.52.290

Tax levy authorized for fund.

Annually, after the county board of equalization has equalized assessments for general tax purposes, the secretary of the district shall prepare a budget of the requirements of the cemetery district fund, certify the same and deliver it to the board of county commissioners in ample time for such board to levy district taxes. At the time of making general tax levies in each year, the board of county commissioners shall levy taxes required for cemetery district purposes against the real and personal property in the district in accordance with the equalized valuation thereof for general tax purposes, and as a part of said general taxes. Such levies shall be part of the general tax roll and be collected as a part of general taxes against the property in the district.
[1947 c 6 § 21; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 3778-170. Formerly RCW 68.16.210.]