Chapter 67.70 RCW


RCW Sections

67.70.030State lottery commission created -- Membership -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Chair -- Quorum.
67.70.040Powers and duties of commission -- When legislative approval required.
67.70.042Scratch games -- Baseball stadium construction.
67.70.043New games--Stadium and exhibition center bonds, operation, and development--Youth athletic facilities.
67.70.044Shared game lottery.
67.70.050Office of director created -- Appointment -- Salary -- Duties.
67.70.055Activities prohibited to officers, employees, and members.
67.70.060Powers of director.
67.70.070Licenses for lottery sales agents -- Factors -- "Person" defined.
67.70.080License as authority to act.
67.70.090Denial, suspension, and revocation of licenses.
67.70.100Assignment of rights prohibited -- Exceptions -- Notices -- Assignment of payment of remainder of an annuity -- Intervention -- Limitation on payment by director -- Rules -- Recovery of costs of commission -- Federal ruling required -- Discharge of liability.
67.70.110Maximum price of ticket or share limited -- Sale by other than licensed agent prohibited.
67.70.120Sale to minor prohibited -- Exception -- Penalties.
67.70.125Use of public assistance electronic benefit cards prohibited -- Licensee to report violations.
67.70.130Prohibited acts -- Penalty.
67.70.140Penalty for unlicensed activity.
67.70.150Penalty for false or misleading statement or entry or failure to produce documents.
67.70.160Penalty for violation of chapter -- Exceptions.
67.70.170Penalty for violation of rules -- Exceptions.
67.70.180Persons prohibited from purchasing tickets or shares or receiving prizes -- Penalty.
67.70.190Unclaimed prizes.
67.70.200Deposit of moneys received by agents from sales -- Power of director -- Reports.
67.70.210Other law inapplicable to sale of tickets or shares.
67.70.220Payment of prizes to minor.
67.70.230State lottery account created.
67.70.240Use of moneys in state lottery account limited.
67.70.241Promotion of lottery by person or entity responsible for operating stadium and exhibition center -- Commission approval -- Cessation of obligation.
67.70.250Methods for payment of prizes by installments.
67.70.255Debts owed to state agency or political subdivision -- Debt information to lottery commission -- Prize set off against debts.
67.70.260Lottery administrative account created.
67.70.270Members of commission -- Compensation -- Travel expenses.
67.70.280Application of administrative procedure act.
67.70.290Postaudits by state auditor.
67.70.300Investigations by attorney general authorized.
67.70.310Management review by director of financial management.
67.70.320Verification by certified public accountant.
67.70.330Enforcement powers of director -- Office of the director designated law enforcement agency.
67.70.340Transfer of shared game lottery proceeds.
67.70.360Marketing lottery as contributor to opportunity pathways -- Strategy and implementation.
67.70.902Construction -- 1982 2nd ex.s. c 7.
67.70.903Severability -- 1982 2nd ex.s. c 7.
67.70.904Severability -- 1985 c 375.
67.70.905Effective date -- 1985 c 375.
67.70.906Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Pathological gamblers, information for: RCW 9.46.071.

Problem and pathological gambling treatment: RCW 43.20A.890.