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Chapter 67.08 RCW

(Formerly Boxing, sparring, and wrestling)

RCW Sections

67.08.007Officers, employees, inspectors.
67.08.010Licenses for boxing, martial arts, and wrestling events -- Telecasts.
67.08.015Duties of department -- Exemptions -- Rules.
67.08.017Director -- Powers.
67.08.030Promoters -- Bond -- Medical insurance.
67.08.040Issuance of license.
67.08.050Statement and report of event -- Event fee -- Complimentary tickets.
67.08.055Simultaneous or closed circuit telecasts -- Report -- Event fee.
67.08.060Inspectors -- Duties -- Fee and travel expenses for attending events.
67.08.080Rounds and bouts limited -- Weight of gloves -- Rules.
67.08.090Physician's attendance -- Examination of contestants -- Urinalysis.
67.08.100Annual licenses -- Fees -- Qualifications -- Revocation--Exceptions.
67.08.105License, renewal, and event fees.
67.08.110Unprofessional conduct -- Sham or fake event.
67.08.130Failure to make report -- Additional tax -- Hearing -- Disciplinary action.
67.08.140Penalty for conducting events without license -- Penalty.
67.08.150General penalty.
67.08.160Ambulance or paramedical unit at location.
67.08.170Security -- Promoter's responsibility.
67.08.180Unprofessional conduct -- Prohibited acts.
67.08.200Unprofessional conduct--Written complaint -- Investigation -- Immunity of complainant.
67.08.220Unprofessional conduct--Order upon finding--Penalties--Costs.
67.08.240Unprofessional conduct--What constitutes.
67.08.300Immunity of director and director's agents.
67.08.310Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
67.08.320Military training or experience.
67.08.321Spouses of military personnel--Licensure.
67.08.900Severability -- 1933 c 184.
67.08.901Severability -- 1993 c 278.
67.08.902Effective date -- 1993 c 278.
67.08.903Severability--1997 c 205.