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Chapter 64.38 RCW


RCW Sections

64.38.015Association membership.
64.38.020Association powers.
64.38.025Board of directors -- Standard of care -- Restrictions -- Budget -- Removal from board.
64.38.028Removal of discriminatory provisions in governing documents -- Procedure.
64.38.030Association bylaws.
64.38.033Flag of the United States -- Outdoor display -- Governing documents.
64.38.034Political yard signs--Governing documents.
64.38.035Association meetings -- Notice -- Board of directors.
64.38.040Quorum for meeting.
64.38.045Financial and other records -- Property of association -- Copies -- Examination -- Annual financial statement -- Accounts.
64.38.050Violation -- Remedy -- Attorneys' fees.
64.38.055Governing documents -- Solar panels.
64.38.060Adult family homes.
64.38.065Reserve account and study.
64.38.070Reserve study -- Requirements.
64.38.075Reserve account -- Withdrawals.
64.38.080Reserve study -- Demand for preparation and inclusion in budget.
64.38.085Reserve account and study -- Liability.
64.38.090Reserve study -- Exemptions.

Speed enforcement: RCW 46.61.419.