Chapter 64.36 RCW


RCW Sections

64.36.020Registration required before advertisement, solicitation, or offer -- Requirements for registration -- Exemption authorized -- Penalties.
64.36.025Timeshare interest reservation -- Definition -- Registration required -- Promoter's obligations -- Deposits -- Escrow -- Purchaser cancellation rights -- Insolvency prior to completion.
64.36.028Timeshare interest -- Incomplete projects or facilities -- Promoter's obligations -- Funds -- Purchaser's rights.
64.36.030Application for registration -- Contents.
64.36.035Applications for registration, consents to service, affidavits, and permits to market -- Authorized signatures required -- Corporate shield disclaimer prohibited.
64.36.040Application for registration -- When effective.
64.36.050Timeshare offering -- Duration of registration -- Renewal -- Amendment -- Penalties.
64.36.060Application for registration -- Acceptance of disclosure documents -- Waiver of information -- Additional information.
64.36.070Registration as timeshare salesperson required -- Exemption.
64.36.085Inspections of projects -- Identification of inspectors.
64.36.090Disciplinary action against a timeshare salesperson's application, registration, or license -- Unprofessional conduct.
64.36.100Disciplinary action -- Unprofessional conduct -- Other conduct, acts, or conditions.
64.36.110Requirements of transfer of promoter's interest -- Notice to purchaser.
64.36.120Good faith required -- Provision relieving person from duty prohibited -- Out-of-state jurisdiction or venue designation void.
64.36.130Impoundment of proceeds from sales authorized -- Establishment of trusts, escrows, etc.
64.36.140Disclosure document -- Contents.
64.36.150Disclosure document to prospective purchasers -- Cancellation and refund -- Voidable agreement.
64.36.160Application of liability provisions.
64.36.170Noncompliance -- Unfair practice under chapter 19.86 RCW.
64.36.185Director's powers -- Employment of outside persons for advice on project operating budget -- Reimbursement by promoter -- Notice and hearing.
64.36.195Assurances of discontinuance -- Violation of assurance constitutes unprofessional conduct.
64.36.200Cease and desist order -- Notification -- Hearing.
64.36.210Unlawful acts -- Penalties.
64.36.220Injunction, restraining order, writ of mandamus -- Costs and attorney's fees -- Penalties -- Appointment of receiver or conservator.
64.36.225Liability of registrant or applicant for costs of proceedings.
64.36.240Liability for violation of chapter.
64.36.250Appointment of director to receive service -- Requirements for effective service.
64.36.260Certain acts not constituting findings or approval by the director -- Certain representations unlawful.
64.36.270Rules, forms, and orders -- Interpretive opinions.
64.36.290Application of chapters 21.20, 58.19, and 19.105 RCW -- Exemption of certain camping and outdoor recreation enterprises.
64.36.310Copy of advertisement to be filed with director before publication -- Application of chapter limited.
64.36.320Free gifts, awards, and prizes -- Security arrangement required of promisor -- Other requirements -- Private causes of action.
64.36.330Membership lists available for members and owners -- Conditions -- Exclusion of members' names from list -- Commercial use of list.
64.36.340Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
64.36.350Military training or experience.
64.36.351Spouses of military personnel -- Registration.
64.36.900Short title.
64.36.901Severability -- 1983 1st ex.s. c 22.