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RCW 64.12.030

Injury to or removing trees, etc.—Damages.

Whenever any person shall cut down, girdle, or otherwise injure, or carry off any tree, including a Christmas tree as defined in *RCW 76.48.020, timber, or shrub on the land of another person, or on the street or highway in front of any person's house, city or town lot, or cultivated grounds, or on the commons or public grounds of any city or town, or on the street or highway in front thereof, without lawful authority, in an action by the person, city, or town against the person committing the trespasses or any of them, any judgment for the plaintiff shall be for treble the amount of damages claimed or assessed.
[2009 c 349 § 4; Code 1881 § 602; 1877 p 125 § 607; 1869 p 143 § 556; RRS § 939.]
*Reviser's note: RCW 76.48.020 was recodified as RCW 76.48.021 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.
Trespass, public lands: Chapter 79.02 RCW.