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RCW 64.06.021

Notice regarding sex offenders.

The notice regarding sex offenders under RCW 64.06.020 does not create any legal duty on the part of the seller, or on the part of any real estate licensee, to investigate or to provide the buyer with information regarding the actual presence, or lack thereof, of registered sex offenders in the area of any property, including but not limited to any property that is the subject of a disclosure or waiver of disclosure under this chapter, or that is exempt from disclosure under RCW 64.06.010.
[2004 c 114 § 2.]
Application2004 c 114: "This act applies prospectively only and not retroactively. It applies only to residential real property purchase and sale agreements entered into on or after January 1, 2005, without regard to when the agreements are closed or finalized." [2004 c 114 § 3.]
Effective date2004 c 114: "This act takes effect January 1, 2005." [2004 c 114 § 4.]