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Chapter 63.19 RCW


RCW Sections

63.19.020Chapter application.
63.19.030Disclosure by lessor -- Requirement.
63.19.040Disclosure by lessor -- Contents.
63.19.050Agreement -- Restrictions.
63.19.060Consumer -- Reinstatement of agreement -- Terms.
63.19.070Written receipt -- Lessor's duty.
63.19.080Renegotiation -- Same lessor and consumer.
63.19.090Advertising -- Requirements -- Liability.
63.19.100Upholstered furniture or bedding.
63.19.110Violation -- Application of chapter 19.86 RCW.
63.19.900Short title -- 1992 c 134.
63.19.901Severability -- 1992 c 134.