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RCW 63.14.165

Financial institution credit card agreement not subject to chapter 63.14 RCW, but subject to chapter 19.52 RCW.

A financial institution credit card is a card or device issued under an arrangement pursuant to which the issuing financial institution gives to a card holder residing in this state the privilege of obtaining credit from the issuer or other persons in purchasing or leasing property or services, obtaining loans, or otherwise, and the issuer of which is not principally engaged in the business of selling goods.
Except as provided in RCW 63.14.167, a financial institution credit card agreement and credit extended pursuant to it is not subject to the provisions of this chapter but shall be subject to the provisions of chapter 19.52 RCW.
[1984 c 280 § 10; 1981 c 77 § 10.]
Application, savingSeverability1981 c 77: See RCW 63.14.902 and 63.14.903.