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Chapter 63.10 RCW


RCW Sections

63.10.010Legislative declaration.
63.10.030Liability at expiration of lease -- Residual value -- Attorneys' fees -- Lease terms.
63.10.040Lease contracts -- Disclosure requirements.
63.10.045Unlawful acts or practices -- Consumer lease of a motor vehicle.
63.10.050Violations -- Unfair acts under consumer protection act -- Damages.
63.10.055Remedies -- Effect of chapter.
63.10.060Defense or action of usury -- Limitations.
63.10.900Severability -- 1983 c 158.
63.10.901Severability -- 1995 c 112.
63.10.902Effective date -- 1995 c 112.

Installment sales contracts: Chapter 63.14 RCW.