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Chapter 60.04 RCW


RCW Sections

60.04.021Lien authorized.
60.04.031Notices -- Exceptions.
60.04.035Acts of coercion -- Application of chapter 19.86 RCW.
60.04.041Contractor registration.
60.04.051Property subject to lien.
60.04.061Priority of lien.
60.04.071Release of lien rights.
60.04.081Frivolous claim -- Procedure.
60.04.091Recording -- Time -- Contents of lien.
60.04.101Separate residential units -- Time for filing.
60.04.111Recording -- Fees.
60.04.121Lien -- Assignment.
60.04.131Claims -- Designation of amount due.
60.04.141Lien -- Duration -- Procedural limitations.
60.04.151Rights of owner -- Recovery options.
60.04.161Bond in lieu of claim.
60.04.171Foreclosure -- Parties.
60.04.181Rank of lien -- Application of proceeds -- Attorneys' fees.
60.04.190Destruction or concealment of property -- Removal from premises -- Penalty.
60.04.191Effect of note -- Personal action preserved.
60.04.201Material exempt from process -- Exception.
60.04.211Lien -- Effect on community interest.
60.04.221Notice to lender -- Withholding of funds.
60.04.226Financial encumbrances -- Priorities.
60.04.230Construction projects -- Notice to be posted by prime contractor -- Penalty.
60.04.250Informational materials on construction lien laws -- Master documents.
60.04.255Informational materials on construction lien laws -- Copies -- Liability.
60.04.261Availability of information.
60.04.900Liberal construction -- 1991 c 281.
60.04.901Captions not law -- 1991 c 281.
60.04.902Effective date, application -- 1991 c 281.
60.04.903Effective date -- 1992 c 126.
60.04.904Application of chapter 281, Laws of 1991, to actions pending as of June 1, 1992 -- 1993 c 357.

Crop lien for furnishing work or labor: RCW 60.11.040.