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Chapter 6.27 RCW


RCW Sections

6.27.005Legislative intent.
6.27.020Grounds for issuance of writ -- Time of issuance of prejudgment writs.
6.27.030Application of chapter to district courts.
6.27.040State and municipal corporations subject to garnishment -- Service of writ.
6.27.050Garnishment of money held by officer -- Of judgment debtor -- Of personal representative.
6.27.060Application for writ -- Affidavit -- Fee.
6.27.070Issuance of writ -- Form -- Dating -- Attestation.
6.27.080Writ directed to financial institution -- Form and service.
6.27.090Amount garnishee required to hold.
6.27.095Garnishee's processing fees.
6.27.100Form of writ of garnishment.
6.27.105Form of writ for continuing lien on earnings.
6.27.110Service of writ generally -- Forms -- Requirements for person serving writ -- Return.
6.27.120Effect of service of writ.
6.27.130Mailing of writ and judgment or affidavit to judgment debtor -- Mailing of notice and claim form if judgment debtor is an individual -- Service -- Return.
6.27.140Form of returns under RCW 6.27.130.
6.27.150Exemption of earnings -- Amount.
6.27.160Claiming exemptions -- Form -- Hearing -- Attorney's fees -- Costs -- Release of funds or property.
6.27.170Garnished employee not to be discharged -- Exception.
6.27.180Bond to discharge writ.
6.27.190Answer of garnishee -- Contents -- Forms.
6.27.200Default judgment -- Reduction upon motion of garnishee -- Attorney's fees.
6.27.210Answer of garnishee may be controverted by plaintiff or defendant.
6.27.220Controversion -- Procedure.
6.27.230Controversion -- Costs and attorney's fees.
6.27.240Discharge of garnishee.
6.27.250Judgment against garnishee -- Procedure if debt not mature.
6.27.260Execution on judgment against garnishee.
6.27.265Form for judgment against garnishee.
6.27.270Decree directing garnishee to deliver up effects -- Disposition.
6.27.280Procedure upon failure of garnishee to deliver.
6.27.290Similarity of names -- Procedure.
6.27.300Garnishee protected against claim of defendant.
6.27.310Dismissal of writ after one year -- Notice -- Exception.
6.27.320Dismissal of garnishment -- Duty of plaintiff -- Procedure -- Penalty -- Costs.
6.27.330Continuing lien on earnings -- Authorized.
6.27.340Continuing lien on earnings -- Forms for answer to writ.
6.27.350Continuing lien on earnings -- When lien becomes effective -- Termination -- Second answer.
6.27.360Continuing lien on earnings -- Priorities -- Exceptions.
6.27.370Notice to federal government as garnishee defendant -- Deposit, payment, and endorsement of funds received by the clerk -- Fees as recoverable cost.
6.27.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Rules of court: CR 64.