Chapter 51.32 RCW


RCW Sections

51.32.010Who entitled to compensation.
51.32.015Time and place of coverage -- Lunch period.
51.32.020Who not entitled to compensation.
51.32.025Payments for children cease at age eighteen -- Exceptions.
51.32.030When compensation payable to employer or member of corporate employer.
51.32.040Protection of awards -- Payment after death -- Time limitations for filing -- Confinement in institution.
51.32.045Direct deposit or electronic payment of benefits.
51.32.050Death benefits.
51.32.055Determination of permanent disabilities -- Closure of claims by self-insurers.
51.32.060Permanent total disability compensation -- Personal attendant.
51.32.067Permanent total disability -- Death benefit options -- Election.
51.32.072Additional payments for prior pensioners -- Children -- Remarriage -- Attendant.
51.32.073Additional payments for prior pensioners -- Premium liability of worker and employer for additional payments.
51.32.075Adjustments in compensation or death benefits.
51.32.080Permanent partial disability -- Specified -- Unspecified, rules for classification -- Injury after permanent partial disability.
51.32.090Temporary total disability -- Partial restoration of earning power -- Return to available work -- When employer continues wages -- Limitations -- Finding -- Rules.
51.32.095Vocational rehabilitation services -- Benefits -- Priorities -- Allowable costs -- Performance criteria.
51.32.098Vocational rehabilitation services -- Applicability.
51.32.099Vocational rehabilitation pilot program -- Vocational plans.
51.32.0991Vocational services and plans -- Costs -- Medical aid fund expenses.
51.32.100Preexisting disease.
51.32.110Medical examination -- Refusal to submit -- Traveling expenses -- Pay for time lost.
51.32.112Medical examination -- Standards and criteria -- Special examinations by chiropractors--Compensation guidelines and reporting criteria.
51.32.114Medical examination -- Department to monitor quality and objectivity.
51.32.120Further accident after lump sum payment.
51.32.130Lump sum for death or permanent total disability.
51.32.135Closing of claim in pension cases -- Consent of spouse.
51.32.140Nonresident alien beneficiary.
51.32.150Lump sum to beneficiary outside state.
51.32.160Aggravation, diminution, or termination.
51.32.180Occupational diseases -- Limitation.
51.32.185Occupational diseases -- Presumption of occupational disease for firefighters -- Limitations -- Exception -- Rules.
51.32.190Self-insurers -- Notice of denial of claim, reasons -- Procedure -- Powers and duties of director.
51.32.195Self-insurers -- Information to department.
51.32.200Self-insurers -- Enforcement of compensation order against.
51.32.210Claims of injured workers, prompt action -- Payment -- Acceptance -- Effect.
51.32.215Payment of compensation after appeal -- Enforcement of order -- Penalty.
51.32.220Reduction in total disability compensation -- Limitations -- Notice -- Waiver--Adjustment for retroactive reduction in federal social security disability benefit -- Restrictions.
51.32.225Reduction in total disability compensation -- Offset for social security retirement benefits.
51.32.230Recovery of overpayments.
51.32.240Erroneous payments -- Payments induced by willful misrepresentation -- Adjustment for self-insurer's failure to pay benefits -- Recoupment of overpayments by self-insurer -- Penalty -- Appeal -- Enforcement of orders.
51.32.242Self-insured employer overpayment reimbursement fund -- Withholding from worker earnings -- Use of funds -- Exception.
51.32.250Payment of job modification costs.
51.32.260Compensation for loss or damage to personal effects.
51.32.300State employee vocational rehabilitation coordinator.
51.32.350Chemically related illness -- Criteria and procedures for claims -- Claims management.
51.32.360Chemically related illness -- Centers for research and clinical assessment.
51.32.370Chemically related illness -- Research projects -- Implementation plan -- Funding -- Deductions from employees' pay.
51.32.380Injured offenders -- Benefits sent in the care of the department of corrections -- Exception -- Liability.

Self-insured employer overpayment reimbursement fund: RCW 51.44.142.

Victims of crimes, benefits: Chapter 7.68 RCW.