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RCW 50.38.040

Annual report.

The department shall submit an annual report to the legislature and the governor that includes, but is not limited to:

     (1) Identification and analysis of industries in the United States, Washington state, and local labor markets with high levels of seasonal, cyclical, and structural unemployment;

     (2) The industries and local labor markets with plant closures and mass lay-offs and the number of affected workers;

     (3) An analysis of the major causes of plant closures and mass lay-offs;

     (4) The number of dislocated workers and persons who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, classified by industry, occupation, and local labor markets;

     (5) The experience of the unemployed in their efforts to become reemployed. This should include research conducted on the continuous wage and benefit history;

     (6) Five-year industry and occupational employment projections; and

     (7) Annual and hourly average wage rates by industry and occupation.

[1993 c 62 § 4.]