Chapter 48.62 RCW


Legislative intentConstruction.
Authority to self-insureOptionsRisk manager.
Joint self-insurance programActions authorized.
Rule making by state risk managerStandards.
Program approval requiredState risk managerPlan of management and operation.
Multistate program participantsRequirements.
Program approval or disapprovalProceduresAnnual report.
Access to informationExecutive sessionsPublic records act.
InvestmentsDesignated treasurerDeposit requirementsBond.
General operating regulationsEmployee remunerationGoverning controlSchool districtsUse of insurance producers and surplus line brokersHealth care servicesTrusts.
Existing benefit program established as a trustRisk managerLimited extension of deadline for compliance.
Educational service districtsRulesSuperintendent of public instruction.
Preexisting programsNotice to state auditor.
Insufficient assetsProgram requirement.
Insurance premium taxesExemption.
Establishment of fee to cover costsState risk manager.
Dissemination of informationCivil immunity.
Effective date, implementation, application1991 sp.s. c 30.
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