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Chapter 48.62 RCW


RCW Sections

48.62.011Legislative intent -- Construction.
48.62.031Authority to self-insure -- Options -- Risk manager.
48.62.034Joint self-insurance program -- Actions authorized.
48.62.036Authority to form or join a self-insurance risk pool -- When section not applicable.
48.62.061Rule making by state risk manager -- Standards.
48.62.071Program approval required -- State risk manager -- Plan of management and operation.
48.62.081Multistate program participants -- Requirements.
48.62.091Program approval or disapproval -- Procedures -- Annual report.
48.62.101Access to information -- Executive sessions -- Public records act.
48.62.111Investments -- Designated treasurer -- Deposit requirements -- Bond.
48.62.121General operating regulations -- Employee remuneration -- Governing control -- School districts -- Use of insurance producers and surplus line brokers -- Health care services -- Trusts.
48.62.123Existing benefit program established as a trust -- Risk manager -- Limited extension of deadline for compliance.
48.62.125Educational service districts -- Rules -- Superintendent of public instruction.
48.62.131Preexisting programs -- Notice to state auditor.
48.62.141Insufficient assets -- Program requirement.
48.62.151Insurance premium taxes -- Exemption.
48.62.161Establishment of fee to cover costs -- State risk manager.
48.62.171Dissemination of information -- Civil immunity.
48.62.181School district or educational service district self-insured health and welfare benefits programs -- Noncompliance -- Notification -- Termination.
48.62.900Effective date, implementation, application -- 1991 sp.s. c 30.
48.62.901Severability -- 1991 sp.s. c 30.