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RCW 48.53.030

Cancellation of policy — Conditions required for.

Notwithstanding the provisions of RCW 48.18.290, where two or more of the following conditions exist, an insurer may, under RCW 48.53.040, cancel a fire insurance policy for any structure:

     (1) Which, without reasonable explanation, is unoccupied for more than sixty consecutive days, or in which at least sixty-five percent of the rental units are unoccupied for more than one hundred twenty consecutive days unless the structure is maintained for seasonal occupancy or is under construction or repair;

     (2) On which, without reasonable explanation, progress toward completion of permanent repairs has not occurred within sixty days after receipt of funds following satisfactory adjustment or adjudication of loss resulting from a fire;

     (3) Which, because of its physical condition, is in danger of collapse;

     (4) For which, because of its physical condition, a vacation or demolition order has been issued, or which has been declared unsafe in accordance with applicable law;

     (5) From which fixed and salvageable items have been removed, indicating an intent to vacate the structure;

     (6) For which, without reasonable explanation, heat, water, sewer, and electricity are not furnished for sixty consecutive days; and

     (7) Which is not maintained in substantial compliance with fire, safety, and building codes.

[1982 c 110 § 3.]