Chapter 48.21 RCW


RCW Sections

48.21.010"Group disability insurance" defined -- Issuance.
48.21.015"Group stop loss insurance" defined for the purpose of exemption -- Scope of application.
48.21.020"Employees," "employer" defined.
48.21.030Health care groups.
48.21.040"Blanket disability insurance" defined.
48.21.045Health plan benefits for small employers -- Coverage -- Exemption from statutory requirements -- Premium rates -- Requirements for providing coverage for small employers -- Definitions.
48.21.047Requirements for plans offered to small employers -- Definitions.
48.21.050Standard provisions required.
48.21.060The contract -- Representations.
48.21.070Payment of premiums.
48.21.075Payment of premiums by employee in event of suspension of compensation due to labor dispute.
48.21.080Certificates of coverage.
48.21.090Age limitations.
48.21.100Examination and autopsy.
48.21.110Payment of benefits.
48.21.120Readjustment of premiums -- Dividends.
48.21.125When injury caused by intoxication or use of narcotics.
48.21.130Podiatric medicine and surgery.
48.21.141Registered nurses or advanced registered nurses.
48.21.143Diabetes coverage -- Definitions.
48.21.144Psychological services.
48.21.147Dental services that are not subject to contract or provider agreement.
48.21.148Denturist services.
48.21.150Dependent child coverage -- Continuation for incapacity.
48.21.155Dependent child coverage -- From moment of birth -- Congenital anomalies -- Notification of birth.
48.21.157Option to cover dependents under age twenty-six.
48.21.160Chemical dependency benefits -- Legislative declaration.
48.21.180Chemical dependency benefits -- Contracts issued or renewed after January 1, 1988.
48.21.190Chemical dependency benefits -- RCW 48.21.160 through 48.21.190, 48.44.240 inapplicable, when.
48.21.195"Chemical dependency" defined.
48.21.197Chemical dependency benefits -- Rules.
48.21.200Individual or group disability, health care service contract, health maintenance agreement -- Reduction of benefits on basis of other existing coverages.
48.21.220Home health care, hospice care, optional coverage required -- Standards, limitations, restrictions -- Rules -- Medicare supplemental contracts excluded.
48.21.223Prescribed, self-administered anticancer medication.
48.21.225Mammograms -- Insurance coverage.
48.21.227Prostate cancer screening.
48.21.230Reconstructive breast surgery.
48.21.235Mastectomy, lumpectomy.
48.21.241Mental health services -- Group health plans -- Definition -- Coverage required, when.
48.21.242Mental health treatment -- Waiver of preauthorization for persons involuntarily committed.
48.21.244Benefits for prenatal diagnosis of congenital disorders -- Contracts entered into or renewed on or after January 1, 1990.
48.21.250Continuation option to be offered.
48.21.260Conversion policy to be offered -- Exceptions, conditions.
48.21.270Conversion policy -- Restrictions and requirements--Rules.
48.21.280Coverage for adopted children.
48.21.290Cancellation of rider.
48.21.310Neurodevelopmental therapies -- Employer-sponsored group contracts.
48.21.320Temporomandibular joint disorders -- Insurance coverage.
48.21.325Prescriptions -- Preapproval of individual claims -- Subsequent rejection prohibited -- Written record required.
48.21.330Nonresident pharmacies.
48.21.370Fixed payment insurance -- Standard disclosure form.
48.21.375Fixed payment insurance -- Benefit restrictions.
48.21.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Irrigation district may contract for and pay premiums on group insurance for employees: RCW 87.03.160.

Minimum standards for disability policies may be promulgated by commissioner: RCW 48.18.120.

Payment to person designated in policy or by assignment discharges insurer: RCW 48.18.370.

Policy dividends are payable to real party in interest: RCW 48.18.340.

Policy forms, execution, filing, etc.: Chapter 48.18 RCW.

Refusal to renew or cancellation of disability insurance: RCW 48.18.298, 48.18.299.