Chapter 48.15 RCW


RCW Sections

48.15.020Solicitation by unauthorized insurer prohibited -- Personal liability.
48.15.023Unauthorized activities -- Acts committed in this state -- Sanctions.
48.15.025Application of other chapters to surplus line brokers.
48.15.030Validity of contracts illegally effectuated.
48.15.039National database -- Surplus line brokers.
48.15.040"Surplus line" coverage.
48.15.043Diligent effort requirement -- Exempt commercial purchaser.
48.15.050Endorsement of contract.
48.15.060Validity of contracts.
48.15.070Surplus line brokers -- Licensing -- Bond -- Renewal.
48.15.073Nonresident surplus line brokers -- Licensing -- Reciprocity -- Service of process.
48.15.080Licensed surplus line broker may accept business.
48.15.085Liability of insurer assuming direct risk.
48.15.090Solvent insurer required -- Rules.
48.15.100Record of surplus line broker.
48.15.103Use of business name -- Place of business -- Duties of surplus line broker.
48.15.110Broker's annual statement.
48.15.120Premium tax -- Surplus lines.
48.15.130Penalty for default.
48.15.140Revocation, suspension, or failure to renew surplus line broker's license -- Civil penalty.
48.15.142Suspension for failure to comply with support order.
48.15.150Legal process against surplus line insurer.
48.15.160Exemptions from surplus line requirements.
48.15.170Records of insureds -- Inspection.
48.15.180Surplus line broker's fiduciary capacity -- Violations.
48.15.185Determination of qualifications and competence by state -- Unlawful use of questions.