Chapter 48.05 RCW


RCW Sections

48.05.010"Domestic," "foreign," "alien" insurers defined.
48.05.030Certificate of authority required.
48.05.040Certificate of authority -- Qualifications.
48.05.045Certificate of authority not to be issued to governmentally owned insurer.
48.05.050"Charter" defined.
48.05.060"Capital funds" defined.
48.05.070Application for certificate of authority.
48.05.073Filing of financial statements.
48.05.080Foreign insurers -- Deposit.
48.05.090Alien insurers -- Assets required -- Trust deposit.
48.05.100Alien insurers -- Deposit resolution.
48.05.105Foreign or alien insurers -- Three years active transacting required -- Exception.
48.05.110Issuance of certificate of authority.
48.05.120Certificate of authority -- Duration, renewal, amendment.
48.05.130Certificate of authority -- Mandatory refusal, revocation, suspension.
48.05.140Certificate of authority -- Discretionary refusal, revocation, suspension.
48.05.150Notice of intention to refuse, revoke, or suspend.
48.05.160Period of suspension.
48.05.170Reauthorization, limitation upon.
48.05.180Notice of refusal, revocation, suspension -- Effect upon insurance producers' or title insurance agents' authority.
48.05.185Fine in addition or in lieu of suspension, revocation, or refusal.
48.05.190Name of insurer.
48.05.200Commissioner as attorney for service of process -- Exception.
48.05.215Unauthorized foreign or alien insurers -- Jurisdiction of state courts -- Service of process -- Procedure.
48.05.220Venue of actions against insurer.
48.05.250Annual statement.
48.05.270Alien insurer -- Capital funds, determination.
48.05.280Records and accounts of insurers.
48.05.290Withdrawal of insurer -- Reinsurance.
48.05.320Reports of fire losses.
48.05.330Insurers -- Combination of kinds of insurance authorized -- Exceptions.
48.05.340Capital and surplus requirements.
48.05.350General casualty insurer combining disability, fidelity, insurance.
48.05.370Fiduciary relationship to insurer of officers, directors or corporation holding controlling interest.
48.05.380Reports by property and casualty insurers -- Rules.
48.05.383Statement of actuarial opinion -- Property and casualty insurance.
48.05.385Statement of actuarial opinion -- Property and casualty insurance -- Confidentiality.
48.05.390Reports by various insurers -- Contents.
48.05.400Annual filing and fee to National Association of Insurance Commissioners -- Penalty.
48.05.410Health care practitioner risk management training.
48.05.435Report of RBC levels -- Formula for determining levels -- Inaccurate reports adjusted by commissioner.
48.05.440Company action level event -- Definition -- RBC plan -- Commissioner's review.
48.05.445Regulatory action level event -- Definition -- Commissioner's duties -- Corrective actions.
48.05.450Authorized control level event -- Definition -- Commissioner's duties.
48.05.455Mandatory control level event -- Definition -- Commissioner's duties.
48.05.460Insurer's right to a hearing -- Request -- Commissioner sets date.
48.05.465Confidentiality of RBC reports and plans -- Use of information for comparative purposes -- Use of information to monitor solvency.
48.05.470Regulation of capital and surplus requirements is supplemental -- Commissioner may grant exemptions.
48.05.475RBC report from foreign or alien insurers -- Request of commissioner -- Commissioner's options.
48.05.480No liability for regulation of capital and surplus requirements.
48.05.485Notices by commissioner -- When effective.
48.05.510Disclosure of certain material transactions -- Insurer's report -- Information is confidential.
48.05.515Material acquisitions or dispositions.
48.05.520Asset acquisitions--Asset dispositions.
48.05.525Report of a material acquisition or disposition of assets--Information required.
48.05.530Material nonrenewals, cancellations, or revisions of ceded reinsurance agreements.
48.05.535Report of a material nonrenewal, cancellation, or revision of ceded reinsurance agreements -- Information required.
48.05.900Severability -- 1995 c 83.

Deposit of insurers: Chapter 48.16 RCW.

Federal home loan bank as depositary: RCW 30.32.040.

Fees and taxes: Chapter 48.14 RCW.

Health care services: Chapter 48.44 RCW.

Insurance producers, title insurance agents, and adjusters: Chapter 48.17 RCW.

Insuring powers and capital funds required: Chapter 48.11 RCW.

Interlocking ownership, management: RCW 48.30.250.

Policy forms, execution, filing, etc.: Chapter 48.18 RCW.

Rates and rating organizations: Chapter 48.19 RCW.

Stamping bureau: RCW 48.19.410.

Unauthorized insurers: Chapter 48.15 RCW.

Unfair practices: Chapter 48.30 RCW.