Chapter 47.52 RCW


RCW Sections

47.52.001Declaration of policy.
47.52.010"Limited access facility" defined.
47.52.011"Existing highway" defined.
47.52.020Powers of highway authorities -- State facility, county road crossings.
47.52.025Additional powers -- Controlling use of limited access facilities -- High occupancy vehicle lanes--Definition.
47.52.026Rules -- Control of vehicles entering -- Ramp closure, metering, or restrictions -- Notice.
47.52.027Standards and rules for interstate and defense highways -- Construction, maintenance, access.
47.52.040Design -- Entrance and exit restricted -- Closure of intersecting roads.
47.52.041Closure of intersecting roads -- Rights of abutters.
47.52.042Closure of intersecting roads -- Other provisions not affected.
47.52.050Acquisition of property.
47.52.060Court process expedited.
47.52.070Establishment of facility -- Grade separation -- Service roads.
47.52.080Abutter's right of access protected -- Compensation.
47.52.090Cooperative agreements -- Urban public transportation systems -- Title to highway -- Traffic regulations -- Underground utilities and overcrossings -- Passenger transportation -- Storm sewers -- City street crossings.
47.52.100Existing roads and streets as service roads.
47.52.105Acquisition and construction to preserve limited access or reduce required compensation.
47.52.110Marking of facility with signs.
47.52.120Violations specified -- Exceptions -- Penalty.
47.52.121Prior determinations validated.
47.52.131Consideration of local conditions -- Report to local authorities -- Conferences -- Proposed plan.
47.52.133Local public hearing -- Notice.
47.52.134When access reports and hearings not required.
47.52.135Hearing procedure.
47.52.137Adoption of plan -- Service of findings and order -- Publication of resume -- Finality -- Review.
47.52.139Local approval of plan -- Disapproval, request for review.
47.52.145Modification of adopted plan without further public hearings--Conditions.
47.52.150State facility through city or town -- Board of review, composition and appointment.
47.52.160State facility through city or town -- Hearing -- Notice -- Evidence -- Determination of issues.
47.52.170State facility through city or town -- Hearing -- Procedure.
47.52.180State facility through city or town -- Hearing -- Findings of board -- Modification of proposed plan by stipulation.
47.52.190State facility through city or town -- Hearing -- Assistants -- Costs -- Reporter.
47.52.195Review and appeal on petition of abutter.
47.52.200Law enforcement jurisdiction within city or town.
47.52.210Property title designation upon construction of limited access highways.
47.52.220Personal wireless service facilities -- Approach permit -- Report.

Description, plans of highways, filing: RCW 47.28.025, 47.28.026.

Port districts, toll facilities: Chapter 53.34 RCW.

Speed limits on limited access facilities: RCW 46.61.430.