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Chapter 47.42 RCW


RCW Sections

47.42.010Declaration of purpose.
47.42.025Exclusions from scenic system.
47.42.030Signs visible from interstate, primary, or scenic systems restricted.
47.42.040Permissible signs classified.
47.42.045Number of signs -- Spacing -- Tourist facility, business or agricultural signs.
47.42.050Information signs by governmental units.
47.42.055Roadside area information panels or displays.
47.42.060Rules for signs visible from interstate and scenic systems -- Judicial review.
47.42.062Signs visible from primary system in commercial and industrial areas -- Requirements, restrictions, and prohibitions.
47.42.063Signs visible from primary system in commercial and industrial areas -- Preexisting signs -- Permissible signs -- Spacing.
47.42.065Signs viewable from other highways or streets -- Requirements.
47.42.070State and local prohibitions.
47.42.080Public nuisance -- Abatement -- Penalty.
47.42.090Revocation of permit.
47.42.100Preexisting signs -- Moratorium.
47.42.102Compensation for removal of signs -- Authorized -- Applicability.
47.42.103Compensation for removal -- Action determining amount -- Payment -- State's share.
47.42.104Compensation for removal -- Federal share -- Acceptance.
47.42.105Unavailability of federal share.
47.42.107Compensation for removal under local authority.
47.42.110Agreements for federal aid.
47.42.120Permits -- Application -- Fees -- Renewal -- Permissible acts -- Revocation.
47.42.130Permit identification number.
47.42.140Scenic areas designated.
47.42.900Severability -- 1961 c 96.
47.42.901Severability -- 1963 ex.s. c 3.
47.42.902Severability -- 1971 ex.s. c 62.
47.42.910Short title -- 1961 c 96.
47.42.911Short title -- 1971 ex.s. c 62.
47.42.920Federal requirements -- Conflict and accord.