Chapter 43.60A RCW


RCW Sections

43.60A.020Department created -- Transfer of powers, duties, and functions to department.
43.60A.030Director -- Qualifications -- Salary -- Vacancy.
43.60A.040General powers and duties of director.
43.60A.050Assistants -- Executive staff -- Deputy.
43.60A.060Delegation of powers and duties.
43.60A.070Additional powers and duties of director.
43.60A.075Powers as to state veterans' homes.
43.60A.080Veterans affairs advisory committee -- Created -- Membership -- Terms -- Powers and duties.
43.60A.100Counseling services -- War-affected veterans.
43.60A.110Counseling -- Coordination of programs.
43.60A.120Counseling -- Priority.
43.60A.130Counseling -- Posttraumatic stress disorder and combat stress program.
43.60A.140Veterans stewardship account.
43.60A.150Veterans conservation corps--Created.
43.60A.151Veterans conservation corps -- Employment assistance -- Agreements for educational benefits -- Receipt of gifts, grants, or federal moneys -- Report.
43.60A.152Collaboration with departments implementing the Washington conservation corps.
43.60A.153Veterans conservation corps account.
43.60A.154Agreements with federal entities for projects -- Report.
43.60A.155Cooperation with the salmon recovery funding board regarding project work -- Report.
43.60A.160Veterans innovations program.
43.60A.165Defenders' fund -- Eligibility for assistance.
43.60A.170Competitive grant program.
43.60A.175Receipt of gifts, grants, or endowments -- Rule-making authority.
43.60A.185Veterans innovations program account.
43.60A.190Veteran-owned businesses.
43.60A.195Veteran-owned business certification -- Rules -- Outreach.
43.60A.200Awards of procurement contracts by state agencies to veteran-owned businesses.
43.60A.210Donations to disabled veterans assistance account.
43.60A.215Disabled veterans assistance account.
43.60A.900Transfer of personnel of department of social and health services engaged in veterans' services -- Rights preserved.
43.60A.901Transfer of property, records, funds, assets of agencies whose functions are transferred to department.
43.60A.902Rules and regulations, pending business, contracts, of agencies whose functions are transferred to department to be continued -- Savings.
43.60A.903Certification when apportionments of budgeted funds required because of transfers.
43.60A.904Federal programs -- Rules and regulations -- Internal reorganization to meet federal requirements -- Construction to comply with federal law -- Conflicting parts inoperative.
43.60A.905Savings -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 115.
43.60A.906Collective bargaining units or agreements not altered.
43.60A.907Liberal construction -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 115.
43.60A.908Severability -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 115.


Veterans and veterans' affairs: Title 73 RCW.