Chapter 43.43 RCW


RCW Sections

43.43.010Patrol created.
43.43.012Chief for a day program.
43.43.013Donations, gifts, conveyances, devises, and grants.
43.43.015Affirmative action.
43.43.020Appointment of personnel.
43.43.030Powers and duties -- Peace officers.
43.43.035Governor, lieutenant governor, and governor-elect -- Security and protection -- Duty to provide.
43.43.037Legislature -- Security and protection -- Duty to provide.
43.43.040Disability of patrol officers.
43.43.050Tenure of patrol officers.
43.43.060Suspension or demotion of probationary officers.
43.43.070Discharge of probationary officers -- Discharge, demotion, or suspension of nonprobationary officers -- Complaint -- Hearing.
43.43.080Criminal complaint -- Authority to suspend officer -- Hearing.
43.43.090Procedure at hearing.
43.43.100Review of order.
43.43.110Reinstatement on acquittal.
43.43.111Patrol officer vehicle accidents.
43.43.112Private law enforcement off-duty employment--Guidelines.
43.43.115Real property -- Sale of surplus at fair market value -- Distribution of proceeds.
43.43.120Patrol retirement system -- Definitions.
43.43.130Retirement fund created -- Membership.
43.43.135Membership in more than one retirement system.
43.43.137Reestablishment of service credit by former members who are members of the public employees' retirement system -- Conditions.
43.43.138Establishing, restoring service credit.
43.43.139Membership while serving as state legislator--Conditions.
43.43.142Retirement board abolished -- Transfer of powers, duties, and functions.
43.43.165Board may receive contributions from any source.
43.43.220Retirement fund -- Expenses.
43.43.230Total service credit.
43.43.233Purchase of additional service credit -- Costs -- Rules.
43.43.235Service credit for paid leave of absence.
43.43.240Legal adviser.
43.43.250Retirement of members.
43.43.260Benefits -- Military service credit.
43.43.263Effect of certain accumulated vacation leave on retirement benefits.
43.43.264Benefit calculation -- Limitation.
43.43.270Retirement allowances -- Survivors of disabled members -- Members commissioned before January 1, 2003.
43.43.271Retirement allowances -- Members commissioned on or after January 1, 2003 -- Court-approved property settlement.
43.43.274Minimum retirement allowance -- Annual adjustment.
43.43.278Retirement option.
43.43.280Repayment of contributions on death or termination of employment -- Election to receive reduced retirement allowance at age fifty-five.
43.43.285Special death benefit -- Course of employment -- Occupational disease or infection -- Annual adjustment.
43.43.286Rights reserved to the legislature -- No future contractual rights.
43.43.290Status in case of disablement.
43.43.295Accumulated contributions -- Payment upon death of member.
43.43.310Benefits exempt from taxation and legal process -- Assignability -- Exceptions -- Deductions for group insurance premiums or for state patrol memorial foundation contributions.
43.43.320Penalty for falsification.
43.43.330Examinations for promotion.
43.43.340Eligible list, and promotions therefrom -- Affirmative action.
43.43.350Determination of eligibility for examination for promotion.
43.43.360Probationary period.
43.43.370Staff or technical officers.
43.43.380Minimum salaries.
43.43.390Bicycle awareness program -- Generally.
43.43.395Ignition interlock devices -- Standards -- Compliance.
43.43.3951Ignition interlock devices -- Limited exemption for companies not using devices employing fuel cell technology.
43.43.3952Ignition interlock devices -- Officer required to report violations -- Liability.
43.43.396Ignition interlock devices -- Fee schedule and fee collection -- Report -- Fee deposit.
43.43.400Aquatic invasive species enforcement account.
43.43.480Routine traffic enforcement information -- Report to the legislature.
43.43.490Routine traffic enforcement information -- Data collection--Training materials on racial profiling.
43.43.500Crime information center -- Established -- Purpose -- Functions.
43.43.510Crime information center -- Files of general assistance to law enforcement agencies established -- Runaway children -- Information publicly available.
43.43.530Crime information center -- Cost of terminal facilities.
43.43.540Sex offenders and kidnapping offenders -- Central registry -- Reimbursement to counties.
43.43.550Traffic safety education officers -- Powers -- Pay and reimbursement.
43.43.560Automatic fingerprint information system -- Report.
43.43.570Automatic fingerprint identification system -- Conditions for local establishment or operation -- Rules.
43.43.600Drug control assistance unit -- Created.
43.43.610Drug control assistance unit -- Duties.
43.43.620Drug control assistance unit -- Additional duties -- Information system on violations -- Inter-unit communications network.
43.43.630Drug control assistance unit -- Use of existing facilities and systems.
43.43.640Drug control assistance unit -- Certain investigators exempt from state civil service act.
43.43.650Drug control assistance unit -- Employment of necessary personnel.
43.43.655Drug control assistance unit -- Special narcotics enforcement unit.
43.43.670Bureau of forensic laboratory services -- Powers -- Priorities.
43.43.680Controlled substance, simulator solution analysis -- Prima facie evidence.
43.43.690Crime laboratory analysis -- Guilty persons to pay fee.
43.43.700Identification and criminal history section.
43.43.705Identification data -- Processing procedure -- Definitions.
43.43.710Availability of information.
43.43.715Identification -- Cooperation with other criminal justice agencies.
43.43.720Local identification and records systems -- Assistance.
43.43.725Records as evidence.
43.43.730Records -- Inspection -- Copying -- Requests for purge or modification -- Appeals.
43.43.735Photographing and fingerprinting -- Powers and duties of law enforcement agencies -- Other data.
43.43.740Photographing and fingerprinting -- Transmittal of data.
43.43.742Submission of fingerprints taken from persons for noncriminal purposes -- Fees.
43.43.745Convicted persons, fingerprinting required, records -- Furloughs, information to section, notice to local agencies -- Arrests, disposition information -- Convicts, information to section, notice to local agencies -- Registration of sex offenders.
43.43.750Use of force to obtain identification information -- Liability.
43.43.751Biological samples for missing persons investigations.
43.43.752DNA identification system -- Plan -- Report.
43.43.753Findings -- DNA identification system -- DNA database -- DNA data bank.
43.43.7532DNA identification system -- DNA database account.
43.43.754DNA identification system -- Biological samples -- Collection, use, testing -- Scope and application of section.
43.43.7541DNA identification system -- Collection of biological samples -- Fee.
43.43.756DNA identification system -- Analysis, assistance, and testimony services.
43.43.758DNA identification system -- Local law enforcement systems -- Limitations.
43.43.759DNA identification system -- Rule-making requirements.
43.43.760Personal identification -- Requests -- Purpose -- Applicants -- Fee.
43.43.762Criminal street gang database -- Information exempt from public disclosure.
43.43.765Reports of transfer, release or changes as to committed or imprisoned persons -- Records.
43.43.770Unidentified deceased persons.
43.43.775Interagency contracts.
43.43.780Transfer of records, data, equipment to section.
43.43.785Criminal justice services -- Consolidation -- Establishment of program.
43.43.800Criminal justice services programs -- Duties of executive committee.
43.43.810Obtaining information by false pretenses -- Unauthorized use of information -- Falsifying records -- Penalty.
43.43.815Conviction record furnished to employer -- Purposes -- Notification to subject of record -- Fees -- Limitations -- Injunctive relief, damages, attorneys' fees -- Disclaimer of liability -- Rules.
43.43.820Stale records.
43.43.822County sheriff to forward registration information -- Felony firearm offense conviction database -- Exempt from public disclosure.
43.43.825Guilty plea or conviction for certain felony crimes -- Notification of state patrol -- Transmission of information to the department of health.
43.43.830Background checks -- Access to children or vulnerable persons -- Definitions.
43.43.832Background checks -- Disclosure of information--Sharing of criminal background information by health care facilities (as amended by 2012 c 10).
43.43.832Background checks -- Disclosure of information--Sharing of criminal background information by health care facilities (as amended by 2012 c 44).
43.43.8321Background checks -- Dissemination of conviction record information.
43.43.833Background checks--State immunity.
43.43.834Background checks by business, organization, or insurance company -- Limitations -- Civil liability.
43.43.836Disclosure to individual of own record -- Fee.
43.43.837Fingerprint-based background checks -- Requirements for applicants and service providers -- Shared background checks -- Fees -- Rules to establish financial responsibility.
43.43.838Record checks -- Transcript of conviction record -- Fees -- Immunity -- Rules.
43.43.839Fingerprint identification account.
43.43.840Notification to licensing agency of employment termination for certain crimes against persons.
43.43.842Vulnerable adults -- Additional licensing requirements for agencies, facilities, and individuals providing services.
43.43.845Notification of conviction or guilty plea of certain felony crimes -- Transmittal of information to superintendent of public instruction.
43.43.850Organized crime intelligence unit -- Created.
43.43.852"Organized crime" defined.
43.43.854Powers and duties of organized crime intelligence unit.
43.43.856Divulging investigative information prohibited -- Confidentiality -- Security of records and files.
43.43.870Missing children clearinghouse and hot line, duties of state patrol.
43.43.880Agreements with contiguous states -- Jointly occupied ports of entry -- Collection of fees and taxes.
43.43.885No-buy list database program.
43.43.887No-buy list database program -- Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs not liable for civil damages.
43.43.900Severability -- 1969 c 12.
43.43.910Severability -- 1972 ex.s. c 152.
43.43.911Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 202.
43.43.912Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.
43.43.930State fire protection services -- Intent.
43.43.934Director of fire protection -- Duties.
43.43.938Director of fire protection -- Appointment -- Duties.
43.43.939Director of fire protection -- Adoption of minimum standard requirements for before-school and after-school programs.
43.43.940Fire service training program -- Grants and bequests.
43.43.942Fire service training -- Fees and fee schedules.
43.43.944Fire service training account.
43.43.946Fire services trust fund.
43.43.948Fire services trust fund -- Expenditures.
43.43.950Fire service training center bond retirement account of 1977.
43.43.952Arson investigation information system -- Findings -- Intent.
43.43.960State fire service mobilization -- Definitions.
43.43.961State fire service mobilization -- Legislative declaration and intent.
43.43.962State fire service mobilization -- State fire services mobilization plan -- State fire resources coordinator.
43.43.963State fire service mobilization -- Regional fire defense boards -- Regional fire service plans -- Regions established.
43.43.964State fire service mobilization -- Development of reimbursement procedures.
43.43.970Law enforcement mobilization -- Definitions.
43.43.971Law enforcement mobilization -- State law enforcement mobilization policy board -- State law enforcement mobilization plan.
43.43.972Law enforcement mobilization -- Local law enforcement request for mobilization -- State law enforcement resource coordinator -- Mobilization response -- Declaration of end of mobilization.
43.43.973State law enforcement mobilization -- State law enforcement coordinator -- Duties.
43.43.974State law enforcement mobilization -- Regions established -- Regional law enforcement mobilization committees -- Regional law enforcement mobilization plans.
43.43.975State law enforcement mobilization -- Development of reimbursement procedures -- Eligibility of nonhost law enforcement authority for reimbursement.

Abatement of certain structures, signs or devices on city streets, county roads or state highways as public nuisances, chief's duties relating to: RCW 47.36.180.

Abating as public nuisance signs erected or maintained contrary to highway advertising control act, chief's duties relating to: RCW 47.42.080.

Aircraft cost sharing: See 1990 c 298 ยง 4.

Amateur radio operators with special license plates, list of furnished to: RCW 46.18.205.

Authority: Chapter 10.93 RCW.

Chaplain authorized: RCW 41.22.020.

Civil disorder, use of patrol: RCW 43.06.270.

Control of traffic on capitol grounds, chief enforcing officer: RCW 46.08.160.

Coroner's report of deaths by vehicle accidents, to be made to: RCW 46.52.050.

Disturbances at state penal facilities
   development of contingency plans -- Scope -- Local participation: RCW 72.02.150.
   use of outside law enforcement personnel -- Scope: RCW 72.02.160.

Dog handler using dog in line of duty -- Immunity: RCW 4.24.410.

Driver license fees for use of state patrol: RCW 46.68.041.

Enforcement of laws on limited access facilities, state patrol to have independent and concurrent jurisdiction: RCW 47.52.200.

Facilities siting, coordination with department of licensing: RCW 46.01.330.

Funding, state patrol highway account: RCW 46.68.030.

Hazardous materials incident command agency, state patrol as: RCW 70.136.030.

Index cross-reference record of accidents of motor vehicle operators, chief to furnish: RCW 46.52.120.

Inspection of railroad company passenger-carrying vehicles by state patrol: RCW 81.61.040.

Insurance, group life, generally: RCW 48.24.090.

Intoxicating liquor, report of seizure: RCW 66.32.090.

Jurisdiction: Chapter 10.93 RCW.

Missing persons systems, involvement with: RCW 36.28A.120.

Motor carrier safety inspections: RCW 81.80.330.

Motor vehicle
   accidents and reports, powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.52 RCW.
   equipment standards -- Powers and duties: RCW 46.37.005.
   inspection duties: Chapter 46.32 RCW.
   size, weight and load limits, duties: Chapter 46.44 RCW.

Off-road and nonhighway vehicles: Chapter 46.09 RCW.

Portability of public retirement benefits: Chapter 41.54 RCW.

Private carrier drivers, rules: RCW 46.73.010.

Prohibited practices relating to motor vehicle inspection by members of: RCW 46.32.050.

Requests for nonconviction criminal history fingerprint record checks for agency heads -- "Agency head" defined: RCW 43.06.013.

School buses, regulations for design, marking and mode of operation, chief to advise on: RCW 46.61.380.

Snowmobile act enforcement: RCW 46.10.360.

State patrol highway account: RCW 46.68.030.

Teletypewriter communications network, powers and duties of chief: Chapter 43.89 RCW.

Towing operators, appointment by the state patrol: RCW 46.55.115.

Traffic safety commission, chief of state patrol member of: RCW 43.59.030.

Transportation of hazardous materials, chief's powers and duties relating to: RCW 46.48.170, 46.48.175.