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Chapter 43.33A RCW


RCW Sections

43.33A.010General powers and duties.
43.33A.020Board created -- Membership -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Removal.
43.33A.025Criminal history record checks for board staff finalist candidates.
43.33A.030Trusteeship of funds -- Contracts -- Delegation of powers and duties.
43.33A.035Delegation of authority--Investments or investment properties.
43.33A.040Quorum -- Meetings -- Chairperson -- Vice chairperson.
43.33A.050Compensation of members -- Travel expenses.
43.33A.060Employment restrictions.
43.33A.070Liability of members.
43.33A.080Investment of funds in farm, soil, water conservation loans and in Washington land bank.
43.33A.100Offices -- Personnel -- Officers -- Compensation -- Transfer of employees -- Existing contracts and obligations.
43.33A.110Rules and regulations -- Investment policies and procedures.
43.33A.120Examination of accounts, files, and other records.
43.33A.130Securities -- State treasurer may cause same to be registered in the name of the nominee.
43.33A.135Investment policy -- Investment options.
43.33A.140Investments -- Standard of investment and management.
43.33A.150Reports of investment activities.
43.33A.160Funding of board -- State investment board expense account.
43.33A.170Commingled trust funds -- Participation of funds in investments of board.
43.33A.180Investment accounting -- Transfer of functions and duties from state treasurer's office.
43.33A.190Self-directed investment -- Board's duties.
43.33A.200Creation of entities for investment purposes -- Liability -- Tax status.
43.33A.210Assets not publicly traded--Treatment of rent and income--Management accounts--Application of this chapter and chapter 39.58 RCW.