Chapter 43.21A RCW
IntentPublic involvement and outreach.
Legislative declaration of state policy on environment and utilization of natural resources.
Department of ecologyCreated.
Department of ecologyDirectorAppointmentPowers and dutiesSalaryTemporary appointment when vacancy.
Powers and dutiesReclamation.
Powers and dutiesWater resources.
Water resources"Basic data fund" created.
Federal power act licenseesExemption from state requirements.
Powers and dutiesFlood control.
Application of administrative procedure act to the review of decisions by director.
Rule-making authority.
Five-year formal review process of existing rules.
Technical assistance officer and unitsCoordination of voluntary compliance with regulatory laws.
Technical assistance officer and unitsAuthority to issue orders or assess penalties.
Powers, duties and functions transferred to department to be performed by directorDelegation by director, limitations.
Departmental administrative divisionsDeputy director, dutiesAssistant directors, dutiesAs exempt from state civil service lawSalaries.
Director to employ personnelApplication of state civil service law.
Director to consult with department, state board of health.
Director to consult with other states, federal government, and Canadian provincesAuthority to receive and disburse grants, funds, and giftsDepartment's web site list of interagency agreements.
Environmental excellence program agreementsEffect on chapter.
Request for certification of records as confidentialProcedure.
Environmental technologyReview of certification programsDemonstration activities.
Environmental certification programsFeesRulesLiability.
Certification of environmental laboratories authorizedFeesUse of certified laboratories by persons submitting data or results to department.
Exemption from laboratory certification and fee requirements.
Master plan of development.
Master plan of developmentPublic hearings.
Marine pollutionBaseline study programLegislative finding and declaration.
Marine pollutionBaseline study program establishedUtilization of related programsCoordinationContracts.
Marine pollutionBaseline study programScope of database produced.
Marine pollutionBaseline study programPriority factors.
Catalytic converters in police, ambulance or emergency aid vehiclesDepartment's powers restricted in respect thereto.
Department authorized to participate in and administer federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.
Departments authorized to participate in and administer federal Safe Drinking Water ActAgreements with other departments.
Control of outflow and level of Lake OsoyoosLake Osoyoos International Water Control Structure authorized.
Yakima enhancement projectDutiesRequest for congressional authorization for pipeline.
State environmental profile.
Assistance to businesses interested in locating in Washington requiredInformation on environmental laws and regulations to be provided.
Environmental excellence awards program for products.
Powers and dutiesElectric power resources.
Development of electric power resourcesCooperation with governmental units.
Steam electric generating plantStudyConstruction.
Steam electric generating plantStatement of intentionConstruction by public utility, operating agency, or the department, procedurePowers of director of community, trade, and economic development.
Steam electric generating plantPowers of director in constructing, operating and maintaining.
Steam electric generating plantEminent domain.
Steam electric generating plantState not financially obligatedSeparation and expenditure of funds.
Steam electric generating plantRevenue bonds and warrants.
Steam electric generating plantSpecial fundsPayment of bonds, interest.
Steam electric generating plantConsiderations in issuance of bonds, limitations.
Steam electric generating plantResolution authorizing issuance of bonds, contents, covenants.
Steam electric generating plantSale of bonds.
Steam electric generating plantExamination, registration of bonds by state auditorDefects, irregularities.
Steam electric generating plantRates or charges.
Steam electric generating plantRefunding revenue bonds.
Steam electric generating plantSignatures on bonds.
Steam electric generating plantProvisions of law, resolution, a contract with bondholderEnforcement.
Steam electric generating plantBonds are legal security, investment, negotiable.
Steam electric generating plantDirector not authorized to acquire other facilities or engage in retail distribution.
Freshwater aquatic weeds account.
Freshwater aquatic weeds management program.
Freshwater aquatic weeds management programAdvisory committee.
Aquatic algae control accountFreshwater and saltwater aquatic algae control program.
Solid waste plan advisory committee abolished.
Geoduck aquaculture operationsGuidelinesRules.
Cost-reimbursement agreements.
Transfer of ownership of department-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
Transfer of ownership of department-owned vesselFurther requirements.
Used oil contaminated with polychlorinated biphenylPetition for reimbursement of extraordinary costsProcessing and prioritizing petitionsPrioritized list to the legislature.
Grants to emergency respondersAssistance to meet the requirements of chapter 274, Laws of 2015.
Office of Chehalis basin.
Chehalis board.
Chehalis basin strategy.
Chehalis basin account.
Chapter to be liberally construed.
SavingsPermits, standards not affectedSeverabilityEffective date1970 ex.s. c 62.
Funding for radiation monitoring programs, department of ecology to seek: RCW 70.98.122.
Metals mining and milling operations, department of ecology responsibilities: Chapter 78.56 RCW.
Minimum flows and levelsDepartmental authority exclusiveOther recommendations considered: RCW 90.03.247.
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