Chapter 43.185C RCW


RCW Sections

43.185C.020Homeless housing program.
43.185C.030Washington homeless census or count -- Confidentiality -- Online information and referral system -- Organizational quality management system.
43.185C.040Homeless housing strategic plan--Program outcomes and performance measures and goals--Statewide data gathering instrument--Reports.
43.185C.050Local homeless housing plans.
43.185C.060Home security fund account.
43.185C.070Grant applications.
43.185C.080Homeless housing grants--Participation.
43.185C.090Allocation of grant moneys--Issuance of criteria or guidelines.
43.185C.100Technical assistance.
43.185C.110Progress reports--Uniform process.
43.185C.130Protection of state's interest in grant program projects.
43.185C.140Public assistance eligibility--Payments exempt.
43.185C.150Expenditures within authorized funds--Existing expenditures not reduced or supplanted.
43.185C.160County homeless housing task forces--Homeless housing plans--Reports by counties.
43.185C.170Interagency council on homelessness -- Duties -- Reports.
43.185C.180Washington homeless client management information system.
43.185C.190Affordable housing for all account.
43.185C.200Transitional housing assistance to offenders -- Pilot program.
43.185C.210Transitional housing operating and rent program.
43.185C.215Transitional housing operating and rent account.
43.185C.220Essential needs and housing support program -- Distribution of funds.
43.185C.230Verification of eligibility -- Medical care services.
43.185C.240Document recording surcharge funds -- Use -- Local government obligations -- Washington state quality award program -- Department's duties -- Definitions.
43.185C.900Short title.
43.185C.901Conflict with federal requirements--2005 c 484.
43.185C.902Effective date--2005 c 484.