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Chapter 43.135 RCW

(Formerly Tax revenue limitations)

RCW Sections

43.135.010Findings -- Intent.
43.135.025General fund expenditure limit -- Computation -- Annual limit adjustment -- Definitions -- Emergency exception -- State treasurer duty, penalty -- State expenditure limit committee.
43.135.031Bills raising taxes or fees -- Cost analysis -- Press release -- Notice of hearings -- Updated analyses.
43.135.034Tax legislation -- Two-thirds approval -- Referral to voters -- Conditions and restrictions -- Ballot title -- Declarations of emergency -- Taxes on intangible property -- Expenditure limit to reflect program cost shifting or fund transfer.
43.135.0341Child and family reinvestment account transfers.
43.135.0342Dedication of premium taxes under RCW 48.14.0201 or 48.14.020.
43.135.0343Liquefied natural gas sales tax revenue transfers.
43.135.0351Reinvesting in youth account transfers.
43.135.03901Criminal justice treatment account, violence reduction and drug enforcement account transfers.
43.135.041Tax legislation -- Advisory vote -- Duties of the attorney general and secretary of state -- Exemption.
43.135.045Education construction fund -- Appropriation conditions.
43.135.055Fee restrictions--Exception.
43.135.060Prohibition of new or extended programs without full reimbursement -- Transfer of programs -- Determination of costs.
43.135.080Reenactment and reaffirmation of Initiative Measure No. 601 -- Continued limitations--Exceptions.
43.135.902Short title -- 1994 c 2.
43.135.903Severability -- 1994 c 2.
43.135.904Effective dates -- 1994 c 2.