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RCW 43.03.190

Advance payment of travel expenses—Lien against and right to withhold funds payable until proper accounting or repaying of advance made.

To protect the state from any losses on account of advances made as provided in RCW 43.03.150 through 43.03.210, the state shall have a prior lien against and a right to withhold any and all funds payable or to become payable by the state to such officer or employee to whom such advance has been given as provided in RCW 43.03.150 through 43.03.210, up to the amount of such advance and interest at the rate of ten percent per annum, until such time as repayment or justification has been made.
[1979 ex.s. c 71 § 2; 1967 ex.s. c 16 § 10.]