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RCW 42.56.320

Educational information.

The following educational information is exempt from disclosure under this chapter:

     (1) Financial disclosures filed by private vocational schools under chapters 28B.85 and 28C.10 RCW;

     (2) Financial and commercial information supplied by or on behalf of a person, firm, corporation, or entity under chapter 28B.95 RCW relating to the purchase or sale of tuition units and contracts for the purchase of multiple tuition units;

     (3) Individually identifiable information received by the workforce training and education coordinating board for research or evaluation purposes;

     (4) Except for public records as defined in RCW 40.14.010, any records or documents obtained by a state college, university, library, or archive through or concerning any gift, grant, conveyance, bequest, or devise, the terms of which restrict or regulate public access to those records or documents; and

     (5) The annual declaration of intent filed by parents under RCW 28A.200.010 for a child to receive home-based instruction.

[2009 c 191 § 1; 2005 c 274 § 412.]