Chapter 41.80 RCW


RCW Sections

41.80.001Application of chapter.
41.80.010Negotiation and ratification of collective bargaining agreements.
41.80.020Scope of bargaining.
41.80.030Contents of collective bargaining agreements -- Execution.
41.80.040Management rights -- Not subject to bargaining.
41.80.050Rights of employees.
41.80.060Right to strike not granted.
41.80.070Bargaining units -- Certification.
41.80.080Representation -- Elections -- Rules.
41.80.090Failure to reach agreement -- Third party involvement -- Expiration of agreements during negotiation.
41.80.100Union security -- Fees and dues -- Right of nonassociation.
41.80.110Unfair labor practices enumerated.
41.80.120Unfair labor practice procedures -- Powers and duties of commission.
41.80.130Enforcement of collective bargaining agreements -- Arbitrators -- Subpoenas--Superior court.
41.80.140Office of financial management's labor relations service account -- Created.
41.80.905Apportionment of funds.
41.80.907Short title -- 2002 c 354.
41.80.908Headings, captions not law -- 2002 c 354.
41.80.909Severability -- 2002 c 354.
41.80.910Effective dates -- 2002 c 354.
41.80.911Review of appropriateness of certain collective bargaining units.