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Chapter 41.14 RCW


RCW Sections

41.14.010Declaration of purpose.
41.14.020Terms defined.
41.14.030Civil service commission -- Appointment, terms, qualifications, compensation, etc.
41.14.040Combined system authorized in counties with populations of less than forty thousand.
41.14.050Commission -- Organization, meetings -- Chief examiner, qualifications, duties.
41.14.060Powers and duties of commission.
41.14.065Delegation of powers and duties of commission in county with a population of one million or more.
41.14.070Classified and unclassified service designated -- Procedures.
41.14.080Classified service -- Appointment, promotion, transfer, suspension, discharge.
41.14.090Status of existing employees in classified service.
41.14.100Qualifications of applicants for position.
41.14.110Tenure -- Grounds for deprivation.
41.14.120Removal, suspension, demotion, or discharge -- Procedure -- Appeal.
41.14.130Filling vacancies in classified service -- Eligibility list -- Probation.
41.14.140Power to fill positions -- Consent of county commissioners -- Salaries and compensation.
41.14.150Procedure for payment of compensation -- Refusal to pay.
41.14.160Leaves of absence.
41.14.170Actions to enforce chapter -- Duties of prosecuting attorneys.
41.14.180Prohibited acts relating to registration, examination, certification -- Discrimination prohibited.
41.14.190Political activities regulated.
41.14.200Cooperation and aid by other county officers and employees.
41.14.210Funds for commission in counties with populations of two hundred ten thousand or more -- County budget -- Surplus.
41.14.220Penalty -- Jurisdiction.
41.14.250City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement services -- Transfer of police department employees.
41.14.260City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement services -- Transfer of police department employees into county civil service for sheriff's office -- Seniority for employment.
41.14.270City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement services -- Layoffs -- Notice -- Time limitation for transfers.
41.14.280City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement services -- Rules and regulations.
41.14.290Appointment of classified employee to exempt position -- Return to regular position.
41.14.900Severability -- 1959 c 1.