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Chapter 41.08 RCW


RCW Sections

41.08.010Application of chapter.
41.08.020Excluded cities -- Repeal of local law -- Effect.
41.08.030Civil service commission created -- Appointment -- Terms -- Removal -- Quorum.
41.08.040Organization of commission -- Secretary -- Powers and duties of commission.
41.08.050Persons included -- Competitive examinations -- Transfers, discharges, and reinstatements.
41.08.060Existing firefighters blanketed under civil service.
41.08.070Qualifications of applicants.
41.08.075Residency as condition of employment -- Discrimination because of lack of residency -- Prohibited.
41.08.080Tenure of employment -- Grounds for discharge, reduction, or deprivation of privileges.
41.08.090Procedure for removal, suspension, demotion or discharge -- Investigation -- Hearing -- Appeal.
41.08.100Filling of vacancies -- Probationary period.
41.08.110Power to create offices, make appointments and fix salaries not infringed.
41.08.120Approval of payrolls.
41.08.130Leaves of absence -- Notice -- Filling vacancy.
41.08.140Enforcement by civil action -- Legal counsel.
41.08.150Deceptive practices, false marks, etc., prohibited.
41.08.160Political contributions and services -- Not required -- Solicitation and coercion prohibited.
41.08.170Local legislation required -- Penalty.
41.08.180Office and supplies to be furnished -- Penalty for not providing.
41.08.183Time limit for creation of commission -- Penalty.
41.08.185Duty of commission to organize and function -- Penalty for violation.
41.08.190Cooperation of city officers and employees enjoined.
41.08.200Appropriation for expenses.
41.08.210Penalty -- Jurisdiction.
41.08.900Severability -- 1935 c 31.

Civil service for employees of fire protection districts: RCW 52.30.040.