Chapter 41.06 RCW
Declaration of purpose.
Scope of chapter.
Exemptions to chapterRight of reversion.
Department of correctionsCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of community, trade, and economic developmentCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of ecologyCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of healthCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Office of financial managementCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of social and health servicesCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of veterans affairsCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of transportationCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Human resource services available on request to certain governmental entitiesReimbursement.
Office of minority and women's business enterprisesCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Law revision commissionPersonnel exempted from chapter.
Department of agricultureCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
World fair commissionCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Washington state school directors' associationCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Economic and revenue forecast supervisor and staffCaseload forecast supervisor and staffExempted from chapter.
State internship programPositions exempt from chapter.
Washington state patrolCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Consolidated technology services agencyCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Office of archaeology and historic preservationCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Life sciences discovery fund authorityPersonnel exempted from chapter.
Department of children, youth, and familiesCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of children, youth, and familiesCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Puget Sound partnershipCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Department of enterprise servicesCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Office of the chief information officerCertain personnel exempted from chapter.
Washington personnel resources boardCreatedTermQualifications, conditionsCompensation, travel expensesOfficers, quorum, records.
Meetings of boardHearings authorized, noticeMajority to approve release of findingsAdministration of oaths.
Rules of directorPersonnel administrationRequired agency report.
Purchasing services by contractEffect on employees in the classified serviceCriteria to be metBiddingDefinitions.
Rules of directorMandatory subjectsPersonnel administration.
Job classification revisions, class studies, salary adjustmentsLimitations.
SalariesImplementation of changes to achieve comparable worth.
Comprehensive classification plan for classified positionsContentsSalary surveys.
Classification and salary schedules to consider rates in other public and private employmentWage and fringe benefits surveysLimited public disclosure exemption.
State salary schedule.
Compensation surveys required for officers and officer candidates of the Washington state patrolLimited public disclosure exemption.
Employee performance evaluationsStandardized procedures and forms required to be developed.
Reduction, suspension, dismissal, demotion of employeeRight to appeal.
Employee performance evaluationsWritten notification of deficiencies.
Employee performance evaluationsTermination of employmentRules.
Employee performance evaluationsTermination of supervisors tolerating inadequate employee performance.
Use of false academic credentialsPenalties.
Reinstatement after appeal, guaranteed rights and benefits.
Political activities.
Conflict with federal requirementsEffectRules to conform chapter.
Salary withheld unless employment is in accord with chapterCertification of payrolls, procedures.
Personnel service fundCreatedCharges to agencies, paymentUse, disbursement.
Higher education personnel service fund.
Personnel subject to chapter 47.64 RCW not affected.
Determination of appropriate bargaining unitsUnfair labor practices provisions applicable to chapter.
Acceptance of federal funds authorized.
Training programs on sexual harassment.
Training and career development programsPowers and duties of department of enterprise services.
Agency training and career development plansBudget.
Entry-level management training courseRulesRequirementsSuspensionWaiverDesignation of supervisory or management positions.
Destruction or retention of information relating to employee misconduct.
Destruction of employee records authorized if consistent with other laws.
Application of RCW 41.06.450 and 41.06.455 to classified and exempt employees.
Employees with unsupervised access to childrenRules for background investigation.
Background investigation rulesUpdating.
State employee return-to-work program.
Institutions of higher educationDesignation of personnel officer.
Personnel resource and management policyImplementation.
Joint employee-management committees.
Volunteer firefightersCall to duty.
Monetary performance-based awards or incentivesRestrictions.
Short title.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
Qualifications for persons assessing real propertyExamination: RCW 36.21.015.
Sexual misconduct by state employees: RCW 13.40.570 and 72.09.225.
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