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Chapter 41.06 RCW


RCW Sections

41.06.010Declaration of purpose.
41.06.040Scope of chapter.
41.06.070Exemptions -- Right of reversion to civil service status -- Exception.
41.06.071Department of corrections -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.072Department of community, trade, and economic development -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.073Department of ecology -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.074Department of health -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.075Office of financial management -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.076Department of social and health services -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.077Department of veterans affairs -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.079Department of transportation -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.080Human resource services available on request to certain governmental entities -- Reimbursement.
41.06.082Office of minority and women's business enterprises -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.083Law revision commission -- Personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.084Department of agriculture -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.085World fair commission -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.086Washington state school directors' association -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.087Economic and revenue forecast supervisor and staff -- Caseload forecast supervisor and staff -- Exempted from chapter.
41.06.088State internship program -- Positions exempt from chapter.
41.06.093Washington state patrol -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.094Department of information services -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.095Office of archaeology and historic preservation -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.096Life sciences discovery fund authority -- Personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.097Department of early learning -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.098Puget Sound partnership -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.099Department of enterprise services -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.101Office of the chief information officer -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
41.06.110Washington personnel resources board -- Created -- Term -- Qualifications, conditions -- Compensation, travel expenses -- Officers, quorum, records.
41.06.120Meetings of board -- Hearings authorized, notice -- Majority to approve release of findings -- Administration of oaths.
41.06.133Rules of director -- Personnel administration -- Required agency report.
41.06.142Purchasing services by contract -- Effect on employees in the classified service -- Criteria to be met -- Bidding -- Definitions.
41.06.150Rules of director -- Mandatory subjects -- Personnel administration.
41.06.152Job classification revisions, class studies, salary adjustments -- Limitations.
41.06.155Salaries -- Implementation of changes to achieve comparable worth.
41.06.157Comprehensive classification plan for classified positions -- Contents -- Salary surveys.
41.06.160Classification and salary schedules to consider rates in other public and private employment -- Wage and fringe benefits surveys -- Limited public disclosure exemption.
41.06.162State salary schedule.
41.06.167Compensation surveys required for officers and officer candidates of the Washington state patrol -- Limited public disclosure exemption.
41.06.169Employee performance evaluations -- Standardized procedures and forms required to be developed.
41.06.170Reduction, suspension, dismissal, demotion of employee -- Right to appeal.
41.06.176Employee performance evaluations -- Written notification of deficiencies.
41.06.186Employee performance evaluations -- Termination of employment -- Rules.
41.06.196Employee performance evaluations -- Termination of supervisors tolerating inadequate employee performance.
41.06.204Use of false academic credentials -- Penalties.
41.06.220Reinstatement after appeal, guaranteed rights and benefits.
41.06.250Political activities.
41.06.260Conflict with federal requirements -- Effect -- Rules to conform chapter.
41.06.270Salary withheld unless employment is in accord with chapter -- Certification of payrolls, procedures.
41.06.280Personnel service fund -- Created -- Charges to agencies, payment -- Use, disbursement.
41.06.285Higher education personnel service fund.
41.06.290Personnel subject to chapter 47.64 RCW not affected.
41.06.340Determination of appropriate bargaining units -- Unfair labor practices provisions applicable to chapter.
41.06.350Acceptance of federal funds authorized.
41.06.395Training programs on sexual harassment.
41.06.400Training and career development programs -- Powers and duties of department of enterprise services.
41.06.410Agency training and career development plans -- Budget.
41.06.420Entry-level management training course -- Rules -- Requirements -- Suspension -- Waiver -- Designation of supervisory or management positions.
41.06.450Destruction or retention of information relating to employee misconduct.
41.06.455Destruction of employee records authorized if consistent with other laws.
41.06.460Application of RCW 41.06.450 and 41.06.455 to classified and exempt employees.
41.06.475Employees with unsupervised access to children -- Rules for background investigation.
41.06.476Background investigation rules--Updating.
41.06.490State employee return-to-work program.
41.06.510Institutions of higher education -- Designation of personnel officer.
41.06.530Personnel resource and management policy--Implementation.
41.06.540Joint employee-management committees.
41.06.550Volunteer firefighters -- Call to duty.
41.06.560Monetary performance-based awards or incentives -- Restrictions.
41.06.900Short title.
41.06.910Severability -- 1961 c 1.
41.06.911Severability -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 43.
41.06.912Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Qualifications for persons assessing real property -- Examination: RCW 36.21.015.

Sexual misconduct by state employees: RCW 13.40.570 and 72.09.225.