Chapter 41.05 RCW

(Formerly State employees' insurance and health care)

RCW Sections

41.05.008Duties of employing agencies.
41.05.009Determination of employee eligibility for benefits.
41.05.0091Eligibility exists prior to January 1, 2010.
41.05.013State purchased health care programs -- Uniform policies -- Report to the legislature.
41.05.014Applications and enrollment forms -- Signatures.
41.05.015Medical director -- Appointment of personnel.
41.05.017Provisions applicable to health plans offered under this chapter.
41.05.019Direct patient-provider primary care practices -- Plan.
41.05.021State health care authority -- Director--Cost control and delivery strategies--Health information technology -- Managed competition -- Rules.
41.05.022State agent for purchasing health services--Single community-rated risk pool.
41.05.023Chronic care management program -- Uniform medical plan -- Definitions.
41.05.026Contracts -- Proprietary data, trade secrets, actuarial formulas, statistics, cost and utilization data -- Exemption from public inspection -- Executive sessions.
41.05.031Agencies to establish health care information systems.
41.05.033Shared decision-making demonstration project -- Preference-sensitive care.
41.05.035Exchange of health information -- Pilot -- Advisory board, discretionary -- Administrator's authority.
41.05.036Health information -- Definitions.
41.05.037Nurse hotline, when funded.
41.05.039Health information -- Secure access -- Lead organization -- Administrator's duties.
41.05.042Health information -- Processes, guidelines, and standards.
41.05.046Health information -- Conflict with federal requirements.
41.05.050Contributions for employees and dependents -- Definitions.
41.05.055Public employees' benefits board -- Members.
41.05.065Public employees' benefits board -- Duties -- Eligibility -- Definitions -- Penalties.
41.05.066Same sex domestic partner benefits.
41.05.068Federal employer incentive program -- Authority to participate.
41.05.075Employee benefit plans -- Contracts with insuring entities -- Performance measures -- Financial incentives -- Health information technology.
41.05.080Participation in insurance plans and contracts--Retired, disabled, or separated employees--Certain surviving spouses or surviving domestic partners and dependent children (as amended by 2009 c 522).
41.05.080Participation in insurance plans and contracts--Retired, disabled, or separated employees--Certain surviving spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children (as amended by 2009 c 523).
41.05.085Retired or disabled school employee health insurance subsidy.
41.05.090Continuation of coverage of employee, spouse, or covered dependent ineligible under state plan -- Exceptions.
41.05.095Unmarried dependents under the age of twenty-five.
41.05.100Chapter not applicable to certain employees of Cooperative Extension Service.
41.05.110Chapter not applicable to officers and employees of state convention and trade center.
41.05.120Public employees' and retirees' insurance account.
41.05.123Flexible spending administrative account -- Salary reduction account.
41.05.130State health care authority administrative account.
41.05.140Payment of claims -- Self-insurance--Insurance reserve fund created.
41.05.143Uniform medical plan benefits administration account -- Uniform dental plan benefits administration account -- Public employees' benefits board medical benefits administration account.
41.05.165Rules -- Insurance benefit reimbursement.
41.05.170Neurodevelopmental therapies -- Employer-sponsored group contracts.
41.05.175Prescribed, self-administered anticancer medication.
41.05.177Prostate cancer screening -- Required coverage.
41.05.180Mammograms -- Insurance coverage.
41.05.183General anesthesia services for dental procedures--Public employee benefit plans.
41.05.185Diabetes benefits -- State purchased health care.
41.05.188Eosinophilic gastrointestinal associated disorder -- Elemental formula.
41.05.195Medicare supplemental insurance policies.
41.05.197Medicare supplemental insurance policies.
41.05.205Tricare supplemental insurance policy -- Authority to offer -- Rules.
41.05.220Community and migrant health centers--Maternity health care centers--People of color--Underserved populations.
41.05.225Blind licensees in the business enterprises program -- Plan of health insurance.
41.05.230Multicultural health care technical assistance program.
41.05.240American Indian health care delivery plan.
41.05.280Department of corrections -- Inmate health care.
41.05.295Dependent care assistance program -- Health care authority -- Powers, duties, and functions.
41.05.300Salary reduction agreements -- Authorized.
41.05.310Salary reduction plan -- Policies and procedures -- Plan document.
41.05.320Salary reduction plan -- Eligibility -- Participation, withdrawal.
41.05.330Salary reduction plan -- Accounts and records.
41.05.340Salary reduction plan -- Termination -- Amendment.
41.05.350Salary reduction plan -- Rules.
41.05.360Salary reduction plan -- Construction.
41.05.400Plan of health care coverage -- Available funds -- Components -- Eligibility -- Administrator's duties.
41.05.520Pharmacy connection program -- Notice.
41.05.530Prescription drug assistance, education -- Rules.
41.05.540State employee health program -- Requirements -- Report.
41.05.550Prescription drug assistance foundation -- Nonprofit and tax-exempt corporation -- Liability.
41.05.600Mental health services -- Definition -- Coverage required, when.
41.05.601Mental health services -- Rules.
41.05.630Annual report of customer service complaints and appeals.
41.05.650Community health care collaborative grant program -- Grants -- Administrative support -- Eligibility.
41.05.651Rules -- 2009 c 299.
41.05.655School district health benefits -- Report.
41.05.660Community health care collaborative grant program -- Award and disbursement of grants.
41.05.670Chronic care management incentives -- Provider reimbursement methods.
41.05.680Report -- Chronic care management.
41.05.690Performance measures committee -- Membership -- Selection of performance measures -- Benchmarks for purchasing decisions -- Public process for evaluation of measures.
41.05.800Community of health pilot projects -- Designation -- Grants -- Rules.
41.05.900Short title.
41.05.901Implementation -- Effective dates -- 1988 c 107.

Hospitalization and health care for county, municipal and other political subdivision employees: RCW 41.04.180.

Monitoring enrollee level in basic health plan and medicaid caseload of children -- Funding levels adjustment: RCW 43.41.260.

Prepaid chiropractic, pilot projects: RCW 18.25.200.