Chapter 4.92 RCW
Where broughtChange of venue.
Service of summons and complaint.
Duties of attorney generalProcedure.
JudgmentsClaims to legislature against statePayment procedureInapplicability to judgments and claims against housing finance commission.
Action against state officers, employees, volunteers, or foster parentsRequest for defense.
Actions against state officers, employees, volunteers, or foster parentsDefense by attorney generalLegal expenses.
Action against state officers, employees, or volunteersJudgment satisfied by state.
Bond not required of state.
Tortious conduct of stateLiability for damages.
Tortious conduct of state or its agentsClaimsPresentment and filingContents.
Tortious conduct of state or its agentsPresentment and filing of claim prerequisite to suit.
Tortious conduct of stateAssignment of claims.
Tortious conduct of stateLiability accountPurpose.
Compromise and settlement of claims by attorney general.
Payment of claims and judgments.
Action against state patrol officers in private law enforcement off-duty employmentImmunity of stateNotice to employer.
State, local governments not liable for injury to unauthorized third-party occupant of state or local government vehicle.
Actions against state on state warrant appearing to be redeemedClaim requiredTime limitation.
Risk managementReview of claimsSettlements.
Risk management administration account.
Risk managementRisk manager may delegate powers and duties.
Risk managementStandard indemnification agreements.
Local government reimbursement claims.
Actions against political subdivisions, municipal corporations and quasi municipal corporations: Chapter 4.96 RCW.
Claims, reports, etc., filing and receipt: RCW 1.12.070.
Hood Canal bridge, use for sport fishing purposesDisclaimer of liability: RCW 47.56.366.
Interest on judgments: RCW 4.56.115.
Liability coverage of university personnel and students: RCW 28B.20.250 through 28B.20.255.
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