Chapter 4.92 RCW


RCW Sections

4.92.005"Volunteer" -- Definition.
4.92.010Where brought -- Change of venue.
4.92.020Service of summons and complaint.
4.92.030Duties of attorney general -- Procedure.
4.92.040Judgments -- Claims to legislature against state -- Payment procedure -- Inapplicability to judgments and claims against housing finance commission.
4.92.060Action against state officers, employees, volunteers, or foster parents -- Request for defense.
4.92.070Actions against state officers, employees, volunteers, or foster parents -- Defense by attorney general -- Legal expenses.
4.92.075Action against state officers, employees, or volunteers -- Judgment satisfied by state.
4.92.080Bond not required of state.
4.92.090Tortious conduct of state -- Liability for damages.
4.92.100Tortious conduct of state or its agents -- Claims -- Presentment and filing -- Contents.
4.92.110Tortious conduct of state or its agents -- Presentment and filing of claim prerequisite to suit.
4.92.120Tortious conduct of state -- Assignment of claims.
4.92.130Tortious conduct of state -- Liability account -- Purpose.
4.92.150Compromise and settlement of claims by attorney general.
4.92.160Payment of claims and judgments.
4.92.175Action against state patrol officers in private law enforcement off-duty employment -- Immunity of state -- Notice to employer.
4.92.180State, local governments not liable for injury to unauthorized third-party occupant of state or local government vehicle.
4.92.200Actions against state on state warrant appearing to be redeemed -- Claim required -- Time limitation.
4.92.210Risk management -- Review of claims -- Settlements.
4.92.220Risk management administration account.
4.92.250Risk management -- Risk manager may delegate powers and duties.
4.92.270Risk management -- Standard indemnification agreements.
4.92.280Local government reimbursement claims.


Actions against political subdivisions, municipal corporations and quasi municipal corporations: Chapter 4.96 RCW.

Claims, reports, etc., filing and receipt: RCW 1.12.070.

Hood Canal bridge, use for sport fishing purposes -- Disclaimer of liability: RCW 47.56.366.

Interest on judgments: RCW 4.56.115.

Liability coverage of university personnel and students: RCW 28B.20.250 through 28B.20.255.